Unpacking Brigantine’s Proposed Short-Term Rental Reform

On Wed night OCT 18, Brigantine City Council will vote on a new set of short-term rental rules.

Almost NOBODY likes the plan. But it’s being pushed thru nonetheless.

Is Brigantine chasing away families and retirees with 9 bedroom party houses rented for a weekend?

To keep party houses to a minimum, most towns have 7 night rental minimum. Brigantine will just have a 2 night rental minimum.

Mayor Sera admits how bad things are with with STR’s, with little chance of getting better.

Enforcement of renter ‘behavior’ will be futile say opponents to the Mayor’s controversial plan.

Slideshow used in video above.

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10 thoughts on “Unpacking Brigantine’s Proposed Short-Term Rental Reform”

  1. Marion Schuenemann

    The administration has a BLIND EYE

    I have repeatedly sent this comment

    If the administration really cared they would immediately stop ALL CONSTRUCTION as of 1/1/24 of ALL

    are benefitting behind closed doors

    I have repeatedly said “PUT THE HORSE BEFORE THE CART ”

    This message has not even been acknowledged

    1. Amen on the mega mansion construction ban.

      Limiting new construction to 4 bedrooms would show commitment to establishing Brigantine as town for families who want to move here, and families who want to vacation here.

      1. Marion Schuenemann

        I’m NEW to Brigantine. I appreciate your support to STOP ADDING more buildings with no quality, no unique design.

        I wish the powers in place could see how ugly BRIGANTINE has become.

        Mega-mansions have DESTROYED QUAINTNESS of Brigantine formerly. These giant buildings are root cause of SHORT-TERM RENTAL PROBLEM.

        But, it’s easier to look the other way.

        Too CHICKEN to face the true problem.


  2. All of these STR posts are so dramatic. I did a quick search of the numbers and found there are close to 4500 homes in brigantine. Of those, if you search for random weekends next summer on Airbnb, there are around 150 places that allow weekend rentals….everything else looks like weekly. Even if you assume all of those 150 are bad apples, we are talking about 3% of the total homes having renters in them for a couple nights. Let’s be generous and say 5-10% of them are poorly run, that becomes a total of 8-15 rentals that are an issue. That is less than 1% (0.3% to be exact) that likely need more oversight. These residents need to find something else to complain about… or get a hobby.

    1. Concerned citizen

      Put your number on here and the next time there’s a party at the McMansions on 20th street I’ll ask them to invite you

    2. I don’t rent my home. I’m a permanent resident. Party houses or parking problems on my street would seriously impact my peace and tranquility.

      The noise at all hours of the day, especially at night, would have me standing right beside the people you refer to as ‘complainers’.

  3. Thanks for the video. It highlights everything we see and hear at the council meetings month after month. The mayor talks about changing “behavior” .Who on earth is he talking about. The STR owners a few of which have caused this problem; the renters; the officials who didn’t enforce the current ordinances and laws? He needs to change his behavior in how he is tackling this problem. He needs to implement a 7 day minimum for the larger homes. What is he afraid of? His behavior is shameful. Simply shameful.

    1. 7 day rentals are not reasonable.
      Who can take 7 days off in October for a simple getaway.
      7 days are the number for summer vacations.
      2 nights are the time taken for a nice, fresh-air weekend of refreshment.
      1 night (previously allowed) is now restricted to 2 night minimum in the new ordinance.

  4. I think only week rentals , not shorte should be the standard . This should be a family island and not a rental investment island

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