VIDEO: Dirty Secrets of Block Island Wind Farm

Wind And Sea – Ep.1 Block Island Wind Farm – Offshore Wind Documentary.

We learn about the Block Island wind farm located of the coast of Rhode Island.

Took them almost six years to put a cable in properly and then sink it because it kept unearthing.

Block Island taxpayers got put on the line for another 30 million dollars to fix this.

I didn’t want to drill into this hard soil and the rocks. So they laid them on the ground thinking that they were going to be okay. The company that built it didn’t want the cost to go to them, they wanted the cost to be put back to the taxpayers.

Repairs. Apparently it wasn’t built with the best construction technique. Four of them not turning for three months at a time is scheduled maintenance?


Well the maintenance on those on those turbines is extremely extremely costly.

I mean you have to go up there you have to re-lubricate them, you have to fix the blades and so on and so forth and they’re finding out as time goes on that’s been very costly.

You don’t destroy the environment to save the environment

Where they put them is one of the most vibrant areas that existed on Block Island,

Building it without regard for traditional fishing ground.

Building it without regard for safety at sea as the Coast Guard has already demonstrated they are unwilling to fly helicopters in and around wind turbines.

A former rescue we lost a boat two years ago on New Year’s Eve. It was a foggy windy rainy night they went out attempt to rescue and recall back by the powers that be and they let those men drown now we have 1500 square miles of effectively a no rescue zone.

Block Island Wind Farm is the first commercial offshore wind farm in the United States,[5] located 3.8 mi (6.1 km) from Block Island, Rhode Island in the Atlantic Ocean. The five-turbine, 30 MW project was developed by Deepwater Wind, now known as Ørsted US Offshore Wind.

Construction began in 2015 and in late summer 2016 five Alstom Haliade 150-6MW turbines were erected. Operations were launched in December 2016.[4] It is the largest project using wind power in Rhode Island.

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5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Dirty Secrets of Block Island Wind Farm”

  1. I think the objection to ocean wind turbines could be alleviated by disguising them to look like beautiful ocean oil rigs that do nothing to hurt coastal property values

    1. Hmmmm…..”ocean oil rigs” ????

      I’ve been coming to Jersey shore, from Cape May to Asbury Park, for almost 70 yrs.

      NEVER seen an oil rig.

      Not a single one.

      Please do tell….where are all these unsightly oil rigs off of NJ coast that you speak of ???

  2. Let us not build the automobile you drive, airplanes that take you on vacation, trains that bring your food, or trucks that bring Amazon or mail to your home as they all pollute the environment. Let us not build the pilings in the water or construction equipment for the bridge that brings you onto Brigantine as that will hurt the fish. Let’s not cut the trees that built your homes, nor build island roads which displaced the native people, animals, and sea life. Definitely not build Atlantic City Sky-Scrapers as it blocks your view to the South. I’m sure the people there don’t needs jobs. Let us not build fishing boats as they pollute too, it’s a shame to kill all they fish they catch. With everyone a Vegan, I am sure the fisherman can learn to become farmers, And, who was the idiot on New Year’s Eve that went out on a terrible stormy night and required others to endanger themselves? I could go on, but we need clean energy to reduce fossil fuel usage and dependance on other countries. We need a new industry in New Jersey providing thousands of jobs especially to residents of Brigantine. Is it perfect? No. Will there be issues? Yes. Have other countries around the world had the issues and learned to work through them? Of, course. We can do the same. We need the windfarms to improve our environment over time and improve our economy in South Jersey.

    1. Mike. Well written . You are wrong in the numbers of jobs promised.. In Europe the number of jobs promised I was and is significantly lower then OSW stated
      Fisherman cannot learn to become farmers. There are more jobs that go along with the fishing industry. The people who unload the boats, who weigh the catch., trucks to take the fishing catch to the stores, mechanics for the boats, nets made for the boats. The cleaning and storage of the boats.
      No fresh seafood,, would mean lab grown seafood.. I don’t want to eat lab grown seafood.

      The scallops are already coming up with just sand inside due to off shore wind.
      Let’s not forget hurricanes and the blades not being able to withstand more then 120 miles winds.
      Please do research and don’t drink the Off Shore Wind Koolaid

  3. The wind farms will do NOTHING whatsoever to “improve out environment” or “improve the South Jersey economy”.


    What part of “nothing” do you not understand ?

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