WATCH VIDEO. Brigantine City Council MAY 24, 2014.

A special Brigantine City Council meeting catered to concerns of PART-TIME residents on May 24, 2014. Topics of discussion: potential public employee overtime abuse, part-time resident voting rules, Brigantine Taxpayer inquiries, unions seemingly in conflict with Mayor about overtime authority, does the Foot/Shoobie issues still exist and more.



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1 thought on “WATCH VIDEO. Brigantine City Council MAY 24, 2014.”

  1. John W. Pucci Sr.

    Summer time residents having a second home in Brigantine are frustrated not having the ability to vote for city council members.
    I too, am frustrated in the same manner, and my year round residency is in Brigantine. With the current type of council/mayor government, we who live in Brigantine can only vote for 4 of the seven city elected officials. Yet all seven make dicisions that effect the entire island, not just their own Wards.
    I have never heard, or been contacted by my Ward elected official (Ward 2) for a Ward discussion that afffects our ward directly.
    Unlike the 70%ers, we who live in Brig year round can change government so we can all vote for all our dicision making Elected Officials.

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