Brigantine Beach Tag Info

Available Everyday: 9a-4p

Brigantine Beach Community Center, 265 42nd St.

Call for info. (609) 264-7350.

If the beach is in operation, you can purchase tags on the beach from the tag inspectors.


  • $18 for Season
  • Daily $8.00
  • Weekly$14.00
  • Seniors 65 and over: Free
  • Children under 12: Free


  • $25.00 for seasonal
  • $8.00 for daily
  • 2nd St & Roosevelt Blvd
  • 16th St & Ocean Ave
  • 34th St & Ocean Ave
  • 38th St & Ocean Ave

4×4 SUV Beach Info Here:

Brigantine Boating, Jet Ski & Catamaran Info:

2 thoughts on “Brigantine Beach Tag Info”

  1. Hello, my husband and I would like to go to Brigantine for the day. What do we need to purchase as far as tags? Also is there any meter parking?

    1. no meter parking ….just park on side streets.
      only pay for beach tag…IF…. a beach tag girl approaches.
      NO tags needed for COVE / INLET area of brigantine beaches

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