2019 Brigantine Public School Employee Salaries

The Brigantine Taxpayers Association just released their latest report on the Brigantine School District. Below are some of the highlights and our interpretation of those details >>>

30% of Brigantine’s property taxes supports the bloated, Brigantine public school system.

The City of Brigantine is a Type 1 school district. Not very common in NJ. The mayor gets to appoint the 7 member board of education.

Taxpayers have no vote on the school budget.

The Brigantine School budget is voted upon by a Board of School Estimates whose members includes: the mayor, 2 city council members, and 2 board of education members.


Despite the continuing major decline in enrollment, the Brigantine board of education didn’t vote for consolidation of the elementary and middle schools until this year.

Total district enrollment-pre-k through high school (Brigantine is a sending district to Atlantic City HS) as of Feb 2019 was 784. 

Oct 2019 estimated total enrollment is 704. Enrollment in the elementary and middle schools as of Feb 2019 was 556.

Looking back in comparison, in 2009 total Brigantine School enrollment was 1100.

The number of listed employees is 129.  Several teachers were added last year for an expanded pre-k program. (this forced a shut down of the popular SEA-TOTS)

Brigantine School District Operating Budget is a whopping $21 Million.

10 school positions are getting paid $100,000 or more.

Employee benefits, excluding pension and social security paid by the state, as a percentage of salaries rose to over 40%.

Per pupil cost in Brigantine has jumped to to $26,493. That’s a $6,300 increase in just 4 years. Among the highest in Atlantic County.

The Brigantine Education Association contract ends 6/2020. 

A new Brigantine school contract should includes these recommendations:

  • Eliminate longevity pay for new hires
  • Remove longevity pay hidden within base salary
  • Compensation more inline with private sector
  • No more payouts for unused sick & vacation leave (boat checks)
  • Reduce the large number of allowable sick days
  • Increase class size. Average student / teacher ratio is 8:1.. which is not sustainable.
  • High percentage of chronic absenteeism.

Excessive costs don’t improve educational quality.                  

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