2019 Brigantine City Budget Still Features Over-Taxation

The 2019 Brigantine City Council budget discussion featured another year of unnecessary, over-taxation.

Watch video. Councilman DeLucry makes auditor Leon Costello….quite nervous.

Tax-ratables continue to increase in Brigantine. This happens when you rip down a bungalow, and replace it with a so-called McMansion.

With that new, Brigantine construction comes property re-assessment.

Close to $30 million in new ratables = approx $200,000 in new money that Brigantine Council can quietly spend or hoard.

Typically, Brigantine leadership spends that extra cash….fast. It’s rarely discussed by City Council. The city auditor, Leon Costello, never brings that up during his presentation.

Since 2016… Brigantine ratables increased by $62 million. That’s $340,000 in new money that never gets mentioned.

Brigantine Fund Balance Still Too High.

Brigantine OVER-TAXATION Continues.

When’s the last time you noticed the impressive, ‘Links at Brigantine Golf’ being promoted? Most forget it’s even there. The dysfunctional Brigantine Chamber of Commerce regularly drops the ball on this one.

Even though the loan has been paid off, the Brigantine golf course is still a major drain on city taxes and resources. We’ve noted that the City never discusses total revenue from PAID rounds of golf. Many wonder how many freebie ‘walk-ons’ that taxpayers are footing the bill for.

The Links at Brigantine Golf course costs are much more than the reported $47,000.

The Links at Brigantine golf is still NOT self-sustaining. Remember when Brigantine gave Ron Jaworski Golf the middle finger when he wanted to buy / manage the golf course?

Brigantine Boat Checks.

NJ Gov Christis referred to them as ‘boat checks’; the big payout that public employees get upon retirement, consisting of all unused sick and vacation days. Pretty sweet huh? Retirees can presumably buy a boat with that 6-figure boat check. You don’t see this in the private sector.

Brigantine taxpayers still paying out LARGE amount for unused vacation and sick time. Second homeowners are responsible for 75% of that annual bill.

He starts each Brigantine Council meeting with a solemn prayer. Soon after AMEN, Saint Vince Sera proceeds to break the 8th Commandment. “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

Councilman Sera is no friend to the Brigantine taxpayer.

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