2019 Flounder Regulations & Drag Island Fishing Access From Somers Point

Drag Island Fishing Somer Point Fishing
Drag Island

Fishing access points. There are less and less of them each year. Very few spots to drop a line in the back bays of South Jersey. We can thank over-development along the waterfronts for that.

Ever heard of Drag Island? It’s in the channel between Somers Point and Upper Twp.

Amazing fishing, crabbing, bird watching. You can see Drag Island while driving the Parkway. And it could all go away, once construction of this portion of the Garden State Parkway finishes. Huh?

Listen to clips from ‘Shep on Fishing’. WOND Radio. Nov 3, 2018. Featuring Robin Scott and Bill Shillingford. >

Show Notes From SHEP On FISHING. Nov 3, 2018:

  • Is Senator Chris Brown up to date with South Jersey fishing issues?
  • Congressman Lobiondo also seemed a bit out of touch with local fisheries.
  • Very few towns welcome public access for fishing.
  • Striped Bass & Tautog are bending some rods.
  • 2019 summer flounder & sea bass regulations will soon be discussed.

In South Jersey, APRIL thru MAY have the biggest flounder of year. That’s why South Jersey needs an earlier season. Earlier than North Jersey.

Will the State of NJ ever be split? North & south fishing regulations? Voice your opinion at the next public meeting. Nov 26. Bay Ave in Manahawkin.

Bucktail Willie: Commercial guys wiped out lots of fish 20 yrs ago….. when they discovered the bounty… out on the continental shelf.

Current flounder regulations are problematic. Keeper sizes are too big. Most that size (18+) are female. Mama-flounder. The breeders. The throw-back ‘mortality’ rate could be as high as 30%.

Robin Scott Margate
Robin Scott

Drag Island fishing. Access was once had via the former Beesley Pt Bridge.

Demolished old Rte.9 bridge.Construction of new Garden State Parkway bridge. Fishermen lost easy access to the prime fishing grounds of Drag Island .

On the Somers Point side, the city has applied for a grant through the New Jersey Department of Transportation to add a pedestrian and bicycle path from the Route 52 causeway to the parkway. Somers Point also is working with the state Department of Environmental Protection to create a fishing pier on the west side of Drag Island, located just south of the parkway toll plaza.

After making its way over Great Egg Harbor, the bike path will enter Upper Township at a small bayside beach adjacent to Tuckahoe Inn. There is also a parking lot, fishing pier and boat ramp. The only other businesses in that area are the B.L. England plant and Beesleys Point Sea-Doo.

Shep on fishing
WOND Radio. 1400 am.


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