Abandoned Jersey Devils Crane Leaking Oil in Brigantine Back Bay

Abandoned Crane Leaking Oil in Brigantine
Abandoned Crane Leaking Oil in Brigantine

From Barb of Brigantine: A few months ago, the Beachcomber newspaper printed a story about Rick Delano of Jersey Devils; however, they failed to tell the other part of the story. What about all the people who gave him (Rick) deposits for new docks? They now have nothing. Editors Note: Rick tragically died in June of 2018.

Victoria Delano (Delano’s wife) says she doesn’t know anything about the business or where their (deposit) money is, etc.

She fired Rick’s two sons, who always worked side by side with their father. She (Victoria Delano) is leaving a crane to rot in the bay between 4429 & 4501 Atlantic Brigantine Blvd in Brigantine.

For several months, debris has been floating off the crane deck, sending planks and other unknowns into the bay.

Due to the (recent) storm, the deck of the crane is completely submerged. (Oct 27 2018)

Editors Note: The crane could be sitting on a barge that is sinking.

Large oil spills can be seen on the water’s surface.

Brigantine Crane Leaking Oil
Leaking Oil. 10.27.2018

Barb: Victoria Delano took the money and washed her hands of any mess left behind, including polluting our waters. The city of Brigantine and the State of NJ have been contacted several times to no avail.

Is there any help you (BrigantineNOW) can offer, to at least get the crane removed?

Many have spoken to the wife (Victoria Delano), the City of Brigantine, as well as the State of NJ. All are frustrated because they don’t get anywhere. Some are owed a few pilings.


The president of the Brigantine marine construction company, Jersey Devils, was Richard Delano, 68. He died in what’s been deemed an industrial accident. He was known as a hard working man. Everybody loved Rick. Delano was working on a dock off Bayshore Ave. in Brigantine at about 11:30a on June 20, 2018, when he was fatally injured. Delano, lived in Mays Landing, NJ.


Richard Delano, 68, of Mays Landing was tragically taken from us in a construction accident on June 20, 2018. Beloved husband of Victoria, devoted father to Jason (Amy), Joshua (April), Jake and Benjamin. Also survived by his grandchildren, Briana, Jason Jr., Shane & Grace and his sister Cathy (Al) and brothers Robert (Marie) & Randy (Marianne), & many nieces & nephews. He will be sadly missed by his extended family, friends and relatives, especially by his best friend John Callahan. Rick will be sorely missed by his only “daughter” Maddie, his German Shepherd, who gave him the royal welcome each and everyday.

Rick started Jersey Devils in 1974 and worked 44 long years through all kinds of weather & all kinds of adversity. He loved the customers, he loved making everybody happy. Rick was the hardest working man most have ever met, and no matter what went wrong he always said, “don’t worry, it’ll be fine.” And because of him, it always was. Jersey Devils was his pride & joy right to the very end.

He adored his family and was an integral part of all of his sons’ lives. He coached pee-wee football in Brigantine, and never missed a tennis match, no matter how hard he had to work later.

He was extremely well known around the entire South Jersey area. And those he didn’t know, quickly took a liking to him. He had an infectious smile, sunny disposition and was incapable of saying NO. He was a handsome, strong man with a ruddy complexion, chiseled face and the most beautiful baby blue eyes.

He was a thoughtful, considerate, kind, loving man ~ the ultimate husband.

He was excited to go on vacation with his camper which he had been refurbishing for months, and looked forward to having new adventures with his new obsession.

He will be missed beyond belief.