ACIA Max Slusher WPG Talk Radio Oct 30, 2015

Max Slusher WPG Radio Mel Taylor

It’s not easy being Max Slusher.  He’s the director of Economic Development at the Atlantic County Improvement Authority. Growing jobs is a top priority for Slusher. Click and listen to Max as he hangs out on The Mel Taylor Show on WPG Talk Radio 1450.

Show Date: Oct 30, 2015.

Max Slusher talks about:

  • Reversing South Jersey Educational ‘Brain Drain’
  • Low-Hanging Fruit: Aviation Opportunities
  • Angelo Angelou Report
  • Boosting Local Entrepreneurship
  • Seeing Coach Mindy everywhere.
  • Future of Atlantic City, Atlantic County & South Jersey
  • His love of Queen, Pink Floyd & Barry Manilow
  • Bart Blatstein’s potential as an underwear model

Click to Listen. MAX SLUSHER interview with Mel Taylor & WPG Talk Radio 1450

Coach Mindy WPG

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