Another ZOOM Glitch at Critical Brigantine Short Term Rental Meeting

Brigantine Real Estate Short Term Rental Hell
Oops. Another Council Glitch.

Another major Brigantine Council meeting, another technical glitch courtesy of DPW chief, John Doring and City Manager, Tiger Platt.

For those watching the OCT 4 meeting online, the audio was unlistenable. (watch video)

Coincidental glitch? This important meeting was focused on new, short-term rental rules.

Watch OCT 4 Meeting with Poor Audio.

Brigantine Dept Public Works chief, John Doring is responsible for audio and online streaming of public meetings.

Early in the council meeting, Doring was told about the faulty ZOOM audio. Doring ignored pleas from attendee who was alerted to this audio ‘glitch’.

Mayor Sera was asked about how other shore towns deal with STR’s.

Sera avoided a simple answer: Most shore towns have 7 night rental minimum, Brigantine prefers 2 night rental minimum.

The Real Deal

Brigantine STR owners threatening lawsuit are bluffing?

A NY state judge just threw out another lawsuit from AirBnB and some hosts. Judge’s ruling: Running hospitality business in residential neighborhood against local zoning law.

Brigantine Short Term Rental chaos
Bloomberg News

Mayor Sera believes changing renter ‘behavior’ is the way to go when confronting party house rentals.

Attention Real Estate Agents: make sure to disclose Brigantine STR issues to clients, or else face future liability.

Home Buyers & Investors: Prepare for accelerated growth of short-term rental properties in Brigantine.

Want to retire to Brigantine? Beware. Make sure your Real Estate agent discloses potentially uncomfortable facts about Brigantine’s lax STR regulations. Wanna buy your dream home next to a 9 bedroom party house?

Current Brigantine zoning laws indirectly support conversion of modest family homes into 9 bedroom super-structures with minimal setback and parking.

Residents urged to track issues and votes from the Brigantine Planning Board.

2023 Brigantine Planning Board Members:

  • Vince Sera, Mayor
  • Trevor Cohen, Official
  • Paul Lettieri, Councilman
  • Dorie Herndon
  • Chaser Gaffney
  • Frank Alberti
  • Mike Brindisi, Builder
  • Ralph Palatucci,
  • Maris Sacco Handle, Realtor
  • Eugene Nace
  • Fran Chambers
  • Jay Ferreira
  • Dino Fanzo
  • Hance Jacquett, Solicitor
  • Lance Landgraf, Planner, Mayor Ventnor
  • Cormac Morrissey, Engineer
  • Dana Wineland Kabala


Brigantine Dept of Public Works Chief, John Doring, along with some others inside City Hall, still subjects in ongoing investigation from NJ State Comptrollers office.

The NJ State Audit Report shows Brigantine Superintendent of Public Works, John Doring, supervises his brother and approves his overtime pay. This is a clear violation of nepotism laws and could cost Doring his job.

NJ State Audit: Brigantine Multiple Financial Violations, $4.5mil Pension Deficit, Insurance Scams & Over-payments.

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1 thought on “Another ZOOM Glitch at Critical Brigantine Short Term Rental Meeting”

  1. Brigantine Hockey Mom

    Doring, Platt and Sera; not to be trusted. FACTS: most shore towns have 7 night rental minimum. STR owners threatening lawsuit are bluffing? NY judge just threw out lawsuit from AirBnB and hosts.

    Sera is not telling the truth.

    Get ready for massive growth of Short Term Rentals in Brigantine.

    Want to retire to Brigantine? Beware. Make sure your realtor discloses ugly facts about Brigantine STR’s.

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