Atlantic County Commissioners OK with New Jersey as Sanctuary State?

Bi-partisan opposition to AC Airport sanctuary

Atlantic County Commissioners made the surprising decision to abstain from adopting a resolution that would help revoke New Jersey’s status as a ‘Sanctuary State’.

County Executive, Denny Levinson, expressed astonishment at the Commissioners’ change of stance, saying, ‘I’m taken aback by their reversal. Just three weeks ago, we had a rally against 60,000 allegedly being sent from New York City to our Atlantic City Airport.’

Listen: New Jersey as Sanctuary State.

Seth Grossman, WPG Radio, Oct 7, 2023.

County Commissioners


WHEREAS, that State of New Jersey has been a self-recognized “sanctuary state” as a result of a November 29, 2018 New Jersey Attorney General Guideline Directive; and

WHEREAS, sanctuary cities and sanctuary states are targeted by illegal migrants as places to relocate after crossing the border, and sanctuary cities and sanctuary states are becoming over burdened with individuals they do not have the resources to support; and

WHEREAS, political leaders representing Atlantic County residents on all levels of government throughout the County, affiliated with both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, recently opposed relocation of migrants to the Atlantic City International Airport; and

WHEREAS, legislative action terminating the “sanctuary state” status and ending policies in furtherance of the sanctuary state status, would further discourage the federal government from planning to send thousands of illegal migrants to locations in New Jersey that do not have the resources to support the mass groups of migrants.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Atlantic County Board of Commissioners hereby requests that the New Jersey State Legislature take action to rescind the State of New Jersey’s sanctuary state status and act to terminate policies in furtherance of New Jersey’s sanctuary state status.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution shall be sent to Governor Murphy, the District 1, District 2, District 8, and District 9 Legislative teams. New Jersey State Senate and New Jersey State Assembly.

Coursey Migrants Airport
Commissioner Coursey opposes airport sanctuary plan.

Atlantic County Exec Levinson Letter: NJ Sanctuary Resolution

Dear Commissioners: The bipartisan support we received at the September 1 press conference to oppose the proposed federal relocation of migrants to the Atlantic City International Airport was tremendous. One can assume the airport was considered duo to its location in a sanctuary state.

I strongly encourage the Board of Commissioners to adopt a resolution requesting the State Legislature to rescind New Jerseys status as a sanctuary state. If the federal government won’t close our national borders to those entering illegally, we must ensure New Jersey does not become a desired destination for illegals.

America is a melting pot and that should not change, but we can barely take care of our own citizens let alone the millions more who enter our country illegally.

An estimated 11.4 million unauthorized migrants are currently living in the U.S. with more than 2.2 million having been encountered at the southern border thus far in fiscal 2023.

Governor Murphy said we simply cannot sustain them. I’m not alone in my concerns. Who will provide medical care, food, education, and housing?… We are unable to meet these demands.

Dennis Levinson

Bi-partisan opposition to airport as illegal migrant sanctuary.

Recently, both Democrats and Republicans, including NJ Governor Phil Murphy, County Commissioners Ernest Coursey and Caren Fitzpatrick, along with Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, came together and opposed the Biden administration’s plan to bus 60,000 undocumented immigrants to housing facilities at the Atlantic City International Airport.

The purpose of the resolution was to discourage the federal government and New York City from sending large numbers of undocumented migrants to various locations in New Jersey, including Atlantic City International Airport.

The County expressed concerns about lacking the necessary resources to adequately support such a substantial influx of individuals. As these migrants would not be eligible for work permits, they would rely on government assistance for their basic needs.

Bi-partisan opposition to airport as illegal migrant sanctuary
Bi-partisan opposition to airport as illegal migrant sanctuary

It was suggested that the Atlantic City International Airport be repurposed as a temporary housing facility for these migrants.

Levinson highlighted the governor’s acknowledgment that the state is ill-equipped to accommodate and provide necessary services for such a significant influx.

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2 thoughts on “Atlantic County Commissioners OK with New Jersey as Sanctuary State?”

  1. Good vote by the Commissioners on the sanctuary issue. It’s nice to see that they’re not rubber stamps for whatever the pompous County Executive deems fit.

  2. How about all you Commissioners find out what the citizens and tax payers of the state want. We don’t want to be a sanctuary state. We do not have the resources to house, feed, clothe, etc these people. Don’t forget, you work for us, not the other way around. Until everyone of those making these ridiculous decisions agree to house and support immigrants in their own homes, we will not agree to NJ being a santuary state.

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