Audit Reveals Brigantine Homeowners Over-Taxed. $6.3 Million Slush Fund.

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A tiny Brigantine tax cut right before an election. A smooth move after 3 years of over-taxation. A recent financial review of Brigantine tax monies reveal that homeowners were indeed, over-taxed.

Citizen audit reveals Brigantine homeowners over-taxed for past 3 years.

A $6.3 million slush fund. That’s what some are calling Brigantine’s massive ‘general fund’. These are property taxes that have accumulated to fiscally irresponsible levels.

A team of Brigantine homeowners did a deep dive into city finances for the past 3 years.

Their audit proved that Brigantine’s leadership allowed over-taxation.

A $2 million general fund would more than suffice for a city the size of Brigantine, NJ.

Guenther, Simpson & Sera OK with fiscally foolish, $6.2 million reserve.

Mayor Guenther and Councilman Simpson have permitted aggressive over-taxation of Brigantine to continue.

Brigantine taxpayers have condemned the actions of Brigantine City Council, lead by Mayor Phil Guenther, Councilman Andy Simpson and Councilman Vince Sera.

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