Refund: Dune Carve-Out in Brigantine. DEP Duped?

Brigantine DEP Violation Guenther Stinson
Special Favors for Mayor Guenther Supporter?

In 2015, Brigantine’s Mayor Guenther lowered taxes for one lucky resident who seems to have removed protected dunes in order to have more private, beachfront space.

Guenther wanted the property value of 406 23rd Street South reduced by $384,000. A refund was issued for $6,554.88.

Should this ‘restricted’ parcel get a tax break even though pavers, a retaining wall and outdoor lighting posts were installed? Did home owner develop a rear patio over a municipal restriction line? SEE PICS BELOW.

Reports, along with photographs, strongly suggest the removal of dune sand & vegetation in front of that 406 23rd Street South property.

Brigantine City engineer Ed Stinson disagrees. ‘They did not remove the dune’.

  • Mayor says it’s over-assessed because it’s not being used. (even though lighting, pavers, walls, & outdoor ornaments are placed in that area)
  • Councilman Piccardi disagrees with Mayor Guenther & City Engineer; Ed Stinson. Piccardi says ‘it looks like 40 ft is carved out’  ‘hard to believe’  ‘incredible enhancement to that property’ ‘tax benefits to some’, and ‘unfair’.
  • Brigantine tax assessor said: “40 ft of that property should not be used”.
  • Pullella: ‘DEP (Dept of Environmental Protection) must grant permission for stuff like this.
  • Mayor Guenther wants to provide the refund for homeowner that used this home for political fundraisers.
  • Councilman Delucry requested ‘waiver of property restriction line’ from city manager.

See Photos & Watch Video Below.

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RESOLUTION – WHEREAS, the property known as Block 1804, Lot 6, located at 406 23rd Street South, Brigantine, New Jersey, is recorded under the name of Gail H. Pratt, and WHEREAS, the owner of the property known as Block 1804, Lot 6, was over-assessed, in error, for the assessment for 2014, and WHEREAS, the property known as Block 1804, Lot 6, was overcharged the 2014 Real Estate taxes due to this over-assessment, and WHEREAS, the over-assessment for the tax year 2014 equals $384,000 x 1.707 totaling $6,554.88, and NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Brigantine t hat the sum of $6,554.88 for the tax year 2014 and be and are hereby cancelled on the property known as Block 1804, Lot 6, in the Real Estate Tax Records of the City of Brigantine.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Tax Collector be and is hereby authorized to note the cancellation in the amount of $6,554.88 for the tax year 2014 on the property known as Block 1804, Lot 6.

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2 thoughts on “Refund: Dune Carve-Out in Brigantine. DEP Duped?”

  1. pssst… there are before land improvement aerial views and birds eyes of the property archived on the internet. some clearly show grassy dunes. find them and post the before and after on facebook.
    good luck!

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