Brigantine & Hurricane Sandy 6 Months Later

It’s been 6 months since Hurricane Sandy landed here on Brigantine Beach. Storm surge and heavy winds certainly gave Brigantine a good beating. Many homes and businesses took an unfair share of hurt.

While recovery in Brigantine has made amazing progress, there are still pockets of pain for those in lower lying areas.

For Brigantine tourism and summer visitors, many agree that we’re virtually back to normal. This is due to the super-human efforts of Ernie Purdy and his team at the Brigantine Department of Public Works. For much of Brigantine, it looks like Superstorm Sandy passed us by.

But for those residents in vulnerable locations…FEMA insurance issues, mold, house-raising, and other home related issues are still fresh, painful, and on the very top of their priority list. Please reach out and help if you can via

WATCH VIDEO from CNN about Home-Raising along the Jersey shore.

Brigantine House Raising CNN MAY 3 2013

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