SEE PICS. Hurricane Sandy. Brigantine Storm Damage 2012

Amazingly, Brigantine has recovered to almost 100% from damage inflicted by Hurricane Sandy. These pics are from NOVEMBER 2012.

Brigantine has made amazing strides at rebounding from the Hurricane. Tourists & summer visitors will enjoy Brigantine at 100%. But…..some of our neighbors are still struggling….please lend a hand. SEE PICS from 6 months ago.


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2 thoughts on “SEE PICS. Hurricane Sandy. Brigantine Storm Damage 2012”

  1. We have moved forward quite a bit in such a short time. Now we need the sewall open again as that hasn’t been touched yet. I heard they might try to have the the two ramps open in a few weeks but that’s it. Has anyone heard anything different?

  2. Michelle Torres

    I Love Brigantine! I am from Long Island and go to Brigantine for a family trip every year for the past 3 years. I am going again in September 2013 for year 4 with my family. So glad things are moving along quickly, I can’t wait!

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