Brigantine BLM Protest March Scheduled for JUNE 18

A protest march showing solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement is planned for Thursday, June 18, 5:30 pm in Brigantine.

The march is being promoted & hosted by Alice Carcilli, an Atlantic City school teacher.

After the march, a rally will feature speakers from Brigantine and the greater community. That’s according to Carcilli’s event page on FB.

The march begins at 5:30p at City Hall, 14th and Brigantine Ave. Protesters will then march to the 26th Street field for a rally.

As part of the rally, protesters will kneel for 8 minutes and 46 seconds in honor of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and others.

The following is from the June 17 2020 Brigantine Council Meeting. Mayor Simpson was not in attendance. Vince Sera is now acting Mayor.

Public comment from Kenneth Smith: Has anything been discussed with regards to a protest march that is being advertised for tomorrow? Is it happening?

What city efforts are being made to keep peaceful? Are roads being closed? Expected attendance?

Response from City of Brigantine: Nothing has been discussed as of yet. It is happening, the organizer has been in contact with the Police Chief.

City of Brigantine: The Police will have ample officers in place and contingencies have been made. No road closures. They will be walking on the sidewalks. They’ve reported to police from 50 to 75 attendees.

FROM FB EVENT PAGE set up by Carcilli:

A March for Racial Equality will be held Thursday. Please join residents of Brigantine in a March for Racial Equality to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

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27 thoughts on “Brigantine BLM Protest March Scheduled for JUNE 18”

  1. This is not a good Idea in a majority white neighborhood,I know how some people feel and I hope everything goes well.. I’m staying far away.

    1. This is what happens when the Kennedy’s show up. It’s 100% political and has nothing to do with race relations. Brigantine is being used to attract and gin up Democrat supporters. If Brigantine gets damaged, and it will, they could care less.

      1. tom you are spot on,at first yesterday when i heard of the march i figured,o well some guilty libs want to feel good, libs who live here want to purge themselves of self hate. but then after seeing a kennedy was involved i began to think ,like you stated 100 political and with her involved wanting to have a following, there will a few busloads coming over the bridge. does anyone really know about the intentions of blm?? i think not. i hope i am wrong but i do not think today will turn out good for us who live here.

    2. The fact that you and many others are afraid of what some people’s thoughts on the matter might lead to shows exactly why we need to have marches like this

    3. It would be nice if the property owners in Brigantine that rent would donate this years weeks to low income back families to enjoy like all of you have. It would also be nice if the moderator here believed in free speech. I guess neither of these things are real.

      1. It would be nice if anyone that is asking for money to be givin to anyone who considers themselves low income due to whatever reasons weather it be not working, or a lot of kids, or never went to school or anything in general because if ppl can March and I mean all people then all people can work and love where they like. I think money should be donated to disabled Veterans that actually can’t work at all for real reasons….

  2. When is the March for black on black crime?
    Oh, that’s right, the liberal media doesnt talk about that…

  3. I hope the organizer and/or the organization that planned this ‘march’ is going to pay for the cost of the additional police needed for this ‘march’.

    No taxpayer money should ever pay for ‘marches’ that do nothing for the town.

    When was the ‘march’ permit applied for, and when was it approved?

    1. Oh please. Additional police? What else are the police doing today in this town. No drunken beach goers to loiter on the cove today, it’s raining. I think they can handle 50 peaceful protesters walking on the sidewalks, it isn’t even going to be in the street.
      Protests cause awareness and education and what better place in need of awareness then a mostly white town.

      1. Go Meagan! I agree 110%! This town should be able to handle peacefully a march of 50 people. Time to heal, time to become aware, and time to show support.

      2. Oh please, you sound like an expert, tell us please, what is the “education” part?

        BLM = ActBlue = DNC

        Also sounds like you hate the police.

  4. Are we just going to ignore the BLM “protest” that happened at the AC outlets? Great idea inviting that into the heart of Brigantine!

  5. Michael G Miller

    Reading through these comments makes it clear to me why a BLM rally is an excellent idea here in Brigantine. I only wish I wasn’t in a CoVid high risk group. I’d be marching too.

  6. BLM is a terrorist org. which are mostly violent criminals funded by the far left. Shame on Brigantine for giving this hate group a voice.
    I’ll be sure to pass this along to friends would hate to see them put themselves in danger not knowing this is going on.

    1. In what world is BLM a terrorist org? Shame on YOU Bob, for not being intelligent enough to understand that this is a modern day civil rights movement and you’re going to be on the wrong side of history. It’s time white people, including the residents of Brigantine wake up and realize the injustices and disparities that black people face.
      Lastly, this is being planned as a peaceful protest focused around 8 minutes and 46 seconds of kneeling in silence and then marching what, 12 blocks?! Yet somehow you think people will be in danger? Get a grip.

  7. While the intent of the organizers of this event are well intentioned. I am concerned about the outcome being like AC with looters taking advantage of this event. Brigantine is a peaceful town. I hope it goes well and there are no problems.

  8. BLM has good points, racism is a big problem.
    My problem is BLM leaves out the other side of the problem
    -majority of black children raised by mother or grandmother
    -black violent crime
    -black on black murders (25 killed in chicago 2 weeks ago)
    -Rap music glorifies guns and violence and mistreatment of women

    These problems can’t be discussed or you will be labeled a racist
    Until Blacks start to take responsibility for these issues, things won’t be changing much

  9. Why do you think that property owners that rent should donate to low income families? And to comment like “you all have.” You need a reality check. People in Brigantine work hard for their homes as well. People in Brigantine also struggle too. They have been through alot with Super Storm Sandy, besides alot of them had dealt with illness from the effects of it, being laid off, etc. They still have families to provide for. If they “enjoy” it’s because they’ve worked hard for what they have!! I was raised in Brigantine with family of 7 and BTW my parents worked 3/4 jobs to provide for us. In case you forgot it’s called “hard work!” And people in Brigantine raised their children to do the same. Don’t know what you’re thinking. But, “STOP”, thinking people in Brigantine and elsewhere in the country have everything handed to them. “HARD WORK!”

    1. White families that own beach homes have had it easy. They should support low income black families and let them enjoy the things you have had handed to you because you are white. Give back, you owe it to them.

      1. Yeah how bout they go out and work for it. Ironically, with all of the riots and looting, not one pair of work boots have been stolen.

  10. I cannot wait for the Trump march coming soon to Brigantine!
    Freedom of speech goes both ways. ????????

  11. I feel like you are removing any comment that supports BLM. I am Black. I support it peacefully. I wrote something here yesterday to try to get people to understand what we are feeling at this time, nothing antagonistic just this is the situation for us – and it has been removed. This seems unfair and very biased. I am not anti police at all, I just feel that it’s time for some new policies. Apparently that’s not allowed by your site. Why? Because it was said in a non confrontational, non threatening manner that you cannot mock and call us thugs and animals?

  12. oh yeah,because the property owners worked hard their entire life, so they should give their money away?What planet are you from?Yo Dale, go look somewhere else for a handout

  13. I have lived here for 10 years and only once have I encountered Police acting in a surpreme manner… my twins, a neighbor( who was white if that matters), and myself went to the library in the late afternoon to get a movie. The doors were open but the library was unattended. I sent my son next door to the police station to let them know and upon his return were two officers one male and one female. I explained in detail the situation and while doing so another woman and her daughter came through the back door. She was white, her daughter a friend of my daughter’s from school who has stayed the night at my house and my child at her’s. The female officer asked if I was a resident and then proceeded to ask me for my identification. No problem with that, but when I asked if the women who came in the back needed to show her ID also, the officer’s reply was ” Just show me your ID, its a formality”. REALLY??? I showed her my ID and while she checked me out and took my children home with no movie….I love this city as the sign said I would, but the disparities are not removed. I’m a lover of all God’s people. Thank you for the supporters who were there for the cause not the opportunity

  14. Wow. A realtor is trying to get our African American family to consider buying a beach home in this fair town. Thought I would try to check in on the attitude towards Black people. This post has pretty much convinced me that it would be far better to buy in AC with normal “issues” that come with it than it is to move somewhere that we are clearly not wanted. When you have to live with overt and covert racism and micro-aggression all day in your regular life, the last thing you want is to have it follow you on vacation. I appreciate the few voices here trying to represent, but the “spirit” of this community is coming through loud and clear. To you “goofy libs suffering with your white guilt”, come on over the bridge and let’s hang out sometime! Peace everyone.

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