Video from Brigantine Black Lives Matter Protest & March

Over 250 marched and protested in Brigantine on June 18, 2020 all in support of Black Lives Matter, aka BLM.

The event started at City Hall, followed by a march to the 24st ball fields for a rally.

The march and rally was organized by Atlantic City school teacher, Alice Carcilli.

The event was live streamed by Atlantic City resident and BLM activist, Patrick Jeanty Jr., who was also a featured speaker for the protest.

Jeanty made a name for himself by recording the Atlantic City riots of May 31, 2020. ( see video below )

Brigantine BLM Patrick Jeanty
Jeanty triggered by PRO-COP counter-protester.

Jeanty claims to be a BLM activist.

Like he did in Atlantic City, Jeanty went live on Facebook and did raw, play-by-play of the march and rally.

All lives don’t matter til Black lives matter first’ says Jeanty. ‘Our lives matter first. You know why? Because we worked 400 years for free.

Foul-mouthed Jeanty held nothing back via Facebook Live.

Jeanty spewed homophobic, bigoted and hateful commentary. A really poor choice of invited speaker for this important event.

A Concerned Brigantine Citizen.
patrick jeanty
BLM Activist Jeanty in Brigantine.

Jeanty’s live video broadcast from the Brigantine march featured these statements: ‘They’re waving a Trump flag. They must be racist.’ Some faggot ass shit. Super-duper gay. Lot’s of ‘mayonnaise’ in Brigantine’ says Jeanty. SEE VIDEO.

Brigantine resident, Robert Polillo, opened the BLM rally by singing ‘God Bless America’. Councilman DeLucry kneeled while being lectured by radical leftists.

A few speaker quotes:

  • ‘I heard South Jersey was racist’
  • ‘There’s so much racism between the bridge and the north-side’

Brigantine resident Nikita Thomas talked about racism and real estate. Thomas not happy that her landlord wouldn’t extend her 6 month winter rental at no charge. SEE VIDEO.

Atlantic City school teacher, Alice Carcilli, was thanked for organizing the BLM influenced event.

Northfield councilperson Susan Korngut was invited to speak. Korngut spent her time on stage alleging wide-scale, white supremacy. ‘You’re either racist or anti-racist. For those with white privilege, enjoy your privilege while you can. We’re coming’ threatened Korngut. SEE VIDEO.

Korngut and BLM’s Patrick Jeanty really hit it off that day. So much so, she’s invited to an upcoming BLM cook-out with Jeanty.

‘Brigantine showing up with that racist shit’

BLM activist, Patrick Jeanty.

Jeanty at Atlantic City Riots of May 31, 2020.

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29 thoughts on “Video from Brigantine Black Lives Matter Protest & March”

  1. Way too much cursing and foul language. Definitely not an educated man leading the show. We had to leave and take the kids with us. We didn’t want them to hear such trash. Way too much tension for quiet, little, sleeping Brigantine. Waste of time. Not saying either way for either side, but cursing like that is not going to win many people’s hearts, rather it will fragment them, as the good people of all color will reject such trash talk ( of all color)

    1. How many times did Patrick Jeanty use the n word and faggot and mayonnaise during his racist rants through the streets? It proves his ignorance and hatred for others. This hate explains why he was arrested for child abuse. Alice Carcilli (files Bankruptcy over and over) and Susan M. Korngut (a washed-up Attorney) support and further this racism and hate-mongering. They hate white people LGBTQ and Jews, all I saw was a hate group. Nikita Thomas wants charity (free rent), not equal opportunity. Look in the mirror and do something productive instead of spewing your hate and blaming others for your short-comings.

  2. John Silver…
    Well said. The video from Pat shows his failure to understand what actual racism is….
    His language is vulgar and the chip on his shoulder prevents him from being effective. Black people have not worked for Free for 400 years. That’s just lunacy.
    Black Lives Matter is a slogan but the organization called Black Lives Matter is a divisive political propaganda organization.
    There are very few white people in Brigantine that do not like black people.
    God Bless America and God Bless All the children of the world….red, yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world. Amen

  3. He can call caucasians mayonnaise!!!!!
    How about Black racists??!!
    Why is there name calling???
    That’s ok
    He says we know who we are. Well, you are racists! What an idiot

  4. Took 400 years n you still haven succeeded! I think you like it that way. Excuses that’s all you have . Look at the results Good black people have made. Why? They worked for what they got. They made there lives good. They didn’t waste 400 years making excuses n blame everyone but there own who hold them back . With this poor me , and foul mouth if that’s your answer than you wasted another day of your 400 years . You want white pro lace Go work for it , get an education n job, only one holding you back is you and your racist attitude! Other blacks have! Unless your career path is a professional rioter n protestor? Yea that’s it!! Shame he wanted the good efforts of this protesting peacefully for a good cause. He’s the reason not white privilege we worked to get our life you want it handed to you!!!!! Get a job n see what real suffering is!!!

  5. Having Mr Jeanty speak and lead the Brigantine BLM march was almost as bad as Steve Young organizing the Atlantic City BLM protest and riot.


    1. yes we would be racists if we called them names, there are good black and white people out there and there is also black and white trash out there that you would not want for a neighbor, getting tired of them wanting to take down the statues that are history of this country and a reminder of what has happened in the PAST, you and everyone else should be learning from this, I think they would be very upset if all of the black statues and murals were destroyed, and do they think it is right to destroy someones business and life, black and white because they want to protest, MORONS, as far as them coming, I guess they have not seen the likes of the new FRANK R. who would put them in there place.
      If they are so unhappy here, we are sorry for the events of the past, but if you can not get past them and move on to a better life maybe you should go back to where you were taken from and start a new life, I am sure there would be many who would be happy to pay your way back.

  7. I’m just a little confused. I am a gay black man, and I was pleased to see that your moderator of this event said in the beginning of the video that he stands with the LGBTQ community , and then went on to use homophobic slurs such as fag and faggot and mayonaise. So am I to understand he is with or against our community?

  8. This dirty uneducated RACIST scum bag needs to take a bath and stop breathing our air!!!
    He is what creates hatred and racism.
    When you speak your words with a foul mouth and plan to do something criminal to people who don’t believe in your weak ass protest is when you need to stay in your lane and take a different approach because your DISGUSTING ????

    No one supports TRASH ???? like you unless they are trash like you!

  9. Jeanty is an uneducated, homophobic racist. “Some faggot ass shit. Super-duper gay. Lot’s of ‘mayonnaise’ in Brigantine says Jeanty” Shame on Alice Carcilli (a career bankruptcy expert) for bringing this foul-mouthed racist to our town. No one needed to hear the hatred Jeanty was spewing.

    1. True but the reality is there is no better example of white privileged then the Jersey shore. Mostly white owned and rented and at prices black peoples can’t afford. They need rent control and to make more beach property exclusions so more minorities can afford it.

      1. Maybe I am missing something…but since when was everything supposed to be available to everybody? I want a leer jet, I want a mansion in the hollywood hills, i want a bentley and season tickets courtside and 50 yd line to all major hometown sporting events and concerts. I want them! I can’t afford them. This should all have exclusions so we can all have our own jet. Life doesn’t work that way. Food and clothing and healthcare, ok, we can discuss affordability. But a beach home, or a nice car, or a personal jet…those are EARNED. You work your ass off to have nice things. That’s the definition of both capitalism and democracy. You pay for what you get. If you don’t pay attention in school, study, obey the laws set forth to protect and serve, respect elders and those in authority, then YOU are the problem. This country and society was built on trying to better one’s self. If you cannot afford a home, white, black, purple or green, then save until you can afford it. Rent control and such is the same as a participation trophy. If you aren’t an exceptional athlete, why should you get a trophy? I don’t mean it in a disrespectful way. But then why isn’t everyone given a nobel prize? You know why? Because you have to EARN it. This pig chauvin deserves to answer for his actions…not because he did this to a black man, but because he did this to another human being. Everyone deserves to be respected…EVERYONE. But not at the cost of losing authority and control and civility.

      2. Do you know how people can afford houses at the Jersey shore. They work their asses off to be able to attain some success so they can enjoy the fruits of the labor. It’s called the old fashion work ethic. I learned this from my father. My father worked 10 hours a day 6 days a week to support a family. My wife and I worked 40 years before we were able to afford a house at the shore and it’s a nice little ranch not a mansion. I understand white privilege but don’t go crying it’s due to white privilege that we own a house at the shore.

      3. How about this idea Dale. You see white people work hard for what they have including shore homes and being able to rent in the summer.
        So maybe if blacks want the same WORK for it. They want but they don’t think they should have to work for it. They have every opportunity that white people have and the proof is a black president, black politicians, lawyers and many black professionals. They’re just too lazy so they blame everything and everybody.

      4. How dare this habitual bankruptcy filing teacher’s aide bringing this racist homophobic march to our town.

        Screaming, bigots and cursing – just disgusting trash. It’s not a white privilege to own a house here, you moron. We all work hard for what we have – try it out. Stop your whining and start working.

        I have a black neighbor that has a nice house and drives a Tesla. He works hard for a living, instead of wishing for a free beach house and like you, blaming a lack of ambition on white privilege.

        Do you honestly think white people are given houses and cars?

        Maybe Oprah can start giving away beach houses. btw, Oprah is a black woman that worked for her money, take a lesson – no one handed anything to her and she’s a billionaire.

  10. What rock did this guy crawl out from under. He set the BLM movement back 100 years. I can’t believe so many people continued to follow him once he began speaking. He is the only racist in Brigantine on this day. I have close friends that are Black. They got educated, worked their way up the corporate ladder and are very successful.. I know about the racism they have faced their whole lives. I don’t think they would be proud that this scum bag is representing the BLM movement. I am getting tired of this whole thing. Let’s move on to more important things like improving our country. This guy will definitely help to get Trump re-elected in 2020. Also, I want to thank every police officer for the job that they are doing and I feel horrible for how they are being treated in this country.

  11. This was so disgusting!!!! So much fowl language!!!! His rants were nothing but racial slurs to everyone else who was not black. He was brought in to agitate not to bring people together.

    1. marlene Graveley

      he sounds like a racist trouble maker to me. It’s ok for him to say n do whatever he wants n God forbid if someone goes against him. please these are the assholes of our future

  12. Black Lives Matter – I totally get it and would have marched if I had been in town. However, based on the video, I am glad I missed it. There is work to do on both sides and I would love to see more unity. It sounds like the good intentions of this march were completely obliterated by the speaker. Also, I think rents in Brigantine are very reasonable considering the length of the season, and there is plenty of street parking for day trippers. Most of us did not grow up with silver spoons. Those of us who do rent do so to help pay the ridiculous taxes.

  13. As a gay man I find it offensive that this gentleman is using words that are derogatory words towards homosexuality. Doesn’t he realize it gay pride month!

  14. As a hardcore Dem, I’d say the speaker at the BLM march did more to divide than bring people together with his bigoted, homophobic tirade. Seems like a poor choice of speaker.

  15. Jeanty and Alice Carcilli are small-minded bigots, racists, and homophobes. How dare you come to my town to spew your hate. I don’t march in front of your houses and call you the n word – but you can come here and call us mayonnaise and faggots? and think your right!!! How does that work? You look at what we are able to accomplish through hard work and call it “white privilege” are you that stupid or just jealous. I came here from another county with just $200 and barely spoke English. I am not white either. Through hard work, I made my own success. Stop blaming others for your laziness, you have equal opportunity in America, what you want is charity and to blame others for what you can’t do for yourself. Look in the mirror and you will see the real racists.

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