Brigantine Braces for More Flooding & Wind

Winter Storm Warning:

A strong coastal nor’easter will affect Brigantine. Storm force wind gusts (55-65 mph) are likely. Moderate coastal flooding is likely; the high tides of most concern are the ones around midday Wednesday, November 7th and the following high tide Wednesday night.

  • Moderate to severe beach erosion.
  • This nor’easter will have greater impact than usual, because of Sandy.
  • Threat of snowfall with this storm; some locations may see over 3 inches.
  • Impact from coastal flooding and strong wave action will be worsened due to Sandy.
    • Dunes have been weakened or washed away; bulkheads damaged or destroyed.
    • Coastal storm defenses have been seriously compromised.
  • Err on side of caution when dealing with this nor’easter.
  • With temperatures mainly above freezing, snow will more likely accumulate on grassy surfaces than pavement.
  • Snow may also stick to trees & power lines, potentially causing additional problems.

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2 thoughts on “Brigantine Braces for More Flooding & Wind”

  1. Looks like the high tide won’t recede from the back bays this afternoon. The back bay water should stay high until the next high tide overnight. This is because of the wind direction (northerly) to the coast and some other dynamics going on. The bay water won’t be able to go back out efficiently per normal.

    So, beyond some ocean overwash and more oceanside erosion, you guys on the bayside should prepare for some high water particularly coming in the overnight high tide. Might get interesting on the north end again with bayside flooding and ocean overwash. Perhaps we will get lucky and winds will have a more northwest component, but still think bayside flooding very likely next cycle.

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