Brigantine Building Booms, Retail Slow

local business for sale in brigantine
Lot’s of Opportunity

New housing starts are not only a positive, national story…but it’s big news on Brigantine Beach as well.

Pent-up demand is a big reason for the massive uptick in new home construction in Brigantine. Real estate developers and their crews are happy to be working again. Yet when we look at the Brigantine retail and small business environment, we still see a whole lot of upside. Click thru for pictures.

Why is Brigantine great at attracting new home buyers, but not so hot at enticing entrepreneurs to set up shop here? The answer might be found in the evolving tourism and new business development strategy of Brigantine Beach.

Assuming that tourism is our island’s un-official industry, we look forward to the day when the old Steak 38, Burger King and Steak & Shake properties are smartly snapped up for a sweet return on investment.

Spread the word. Brigantine is ripe for business investment.

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