Brigantine Council OK’s More Private Dune Management Requests

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Private Homes Getting OK to Cut Dunes

Brigantine City Council gave another OK for private homeowners to conduct controversial dune maintenance activities on publicly owned property. Opponents to this environmentally harmful cutting say this is purely a scheme to create water views, for a privileged few.

Brigantine Councilman Rick DeLucry has been the consistent NO vote on this issue. Guenther, Sera, Simpson, Bew and Riordan have been YES votes to this haphazard cutting of marine habitat. Councilman Haney abstains since he lives in the area.

Two of the three homes were not even situated next to the public dune system, but actually on the bay-side of Ocean Ave.

Privileged Brigantine homeowners need only pay $300 for a ‘Dune Maintenance Activity Permit’.

Brigantine City Engineer, Ed Stinson, along with Real Estate exec, Mark Coyne, make the recommendations on who qualifies for these questionable, but currently legal, permits.

It’s still unknown how Stinson & Coyne approves and manages these permits. Brigantine residents are asking how the City of Brigantine ensures that the private homeowners don’t destroy the public dune system.

Concerned Citizens of Brigantine: Stinson and Coyne have little to no experience in dune maintenance, environmental landscaping, preserving marine habitat, etc.

The Brigantine Green Team is non-responsive to requests for comment.

Authorization for Brigantine Dune Maintenance Permits were granted to :

  • Brigantine Beach PM LLC  402 28th Street South
  • Adam Shapiro  407 29th Street South
  • John & Doreen Burns  3819 Ocean Avenue

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