Brigantine Dept of Anti-Tourism

Brigantine GOP Republicans hates ShoobiesDo some locals still hate the yearly influx of visitors, part-time residents and so-called shoobies? Does Brigantine have a ‘Dept of Anti-Tourism?’ Sometime, it certainly seems that way.

The Mayor of Brigantine and other members of city council poo-poo accusations that a small but vocal group of Brigantine residents and public employees still rant against 70% of the Brigantine economy. Ironically, many current and past public employees are ‘shoobies’, taking their 6 figure Brigantine salaries and enjoying those dollars and benefits in places like Mays Landing, Absecon, Smithville, etc.

In 2008, City Manager Jim Barber decided to downgrade¬†Brigantine’s efforts to attract visitors¬†

Do certain groups cater to this small but vocal minority due to their voting power?


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1 thought on “Brigantine Dept of Anti-Tourism”

  1. Donna Tomaselli-Novak

    My dad built a house in the 50’s and we use to go down on the beach and tell everyone the ice cream man was here I was about 14.

    We had the pier to play pinball n arcade game then came the Brigantine castle.They were the good days

    I remember the trampoline’s. I love Brigantine but I find it should be more about children so they can have some of the happy memories I had.

    Life was so simple then. It is good for retirement also my parents retired and passed away there.

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