Brigantine Dog Park Chasing it’s own Tail

The effort to build a new Brigantine Dog Park seems to be chasing its own tail. After watching the Brigantine City Council meeting last night, we get the distinct impression that there’s still some prickly, un-resolved issues. CLICK THRU TO WATCH VIDEO clips.

Some factoids from the council meeting: Ron Weiss; donor providing $20-$30,000., had a representative speak for him. Seems Mr. Weiss will fund the project only if it’s located next to the Community Center. Council noted that there’s another set of dog owners that are ‘miffed’ at being left out of the process.

If proposed CER location & size changes, there’s concern that it may be too close to another set of home owners on 40th street, as well as more infringement on the Rams football practice field.

If size of the dog park changes, DPW & Ernie Purdy will need to get all new contractor quotes. Some dog owners say projected CER space would be too small. It’s about half the size of the old dog park. Rams Football Coach getting ready for practice soon, and head coach Morgan is concerned about not having things settled by now.

The following was reported in the Beachcomber News: 

While it has been agreed in principle that the dog park will be located on the northeast side of the center, no final decisions have been made as to its size and cost.

Council was informed that Ron Weiss, the resident who had donated $20,000 for the original dog park (and has committed an additional $10,000 for its relocation) had received pledges totaling an additional $20,000.

Rams Coach Mike Morgan and Janice Saudargas (who spoke on Ron Weiss’ behalf) stood up before council with a tentative agreement in hand. When Councilman DeLucry asked if their decision represented all of the dog park advocates and users, Morgan and Saudargas could not answer yes.

Discussion on the park ran another two hours, including a proposal by Pullella (seconded by DeLucry) to choose another location at the 26th Street minor-league ball field, as long as the Brigantine Baseball Association does not object. Both Mayor Guenther and Deputy Mayor Kern voted no on this proposal, saying they could not give dogs priority over the island’s children.

See full Beachcomber dog park story here

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8 thoughts on “Brigantine Dog Park Chasing it’s own Tail”

  1. The dog park should be at least the same size as the one that has been closed. You need an area for large dogs and an area for small dogs.

    So what if you have to get new bids because of size. It is obvious that the park is not going to be done any time soon as the good Captain/Coach Morgan has even had conversations with the dog group. That clearly works in his favor just delaying the whole thing so he can use the area he has claimed for his football program.

    I say let him have it this year and then let the football program find another space. Get ready to build the dog park as soon as football ends. If parents have to drop their kids off at 2 different places or the cheerleaders have to move someplace else that should not be such a big deal on a little island.

    I really don’t get why Mr. Morgan gets to have such a big say in the dog park. That area next to the Community Center belongs to the Community not the football Coach.

  2. Wow! Even here in Brigantine, once again it seems high school football dictates what happens in our community!

    Our property is across the street from the community center complex towards the beach, and I and my family have noticed that for the overwhelming majority of the year the football filed and practice fields aren’t even used!

    Not only that but the outdoor hockey rinks and especially the tennis courts were directly adjacent to the old dog park, yet I haven’t read any dissenting comments from our tennis or hockey enthusiasts, only the concerns of the football coach!

    There are a damn sight more dog owners in Brigantine than football players, yet the “PAYING” dog owners and their pets are the ones the so-called city council members have thrown under the bus!

    Can anyone say “MONEY TALKS, NOBODY WALKS”?

      1. We go through life either accepting the fact that there are two sides to every story and each side has valid points. Or we convince ourselves that is our way or no way.Ultimatums may conceal hidden agendas so always be aware but not suspicious. Be informed by looking below the surface because things may be not as they appear. Follow our intuition and above all else, think things through and be wary.

  3. The dog park in Ocean City is just right. 42,000 square feet, small and large dogs areas, and the City of Ocean City and Cape May County are proud of it! Can Brigantine step up to the plate and build a Dog Park even half that size?

  4. Nanci Fitzpatrick

    The proposal for the baseball field was strictly a TEMPORARY dog area – 30 days only – to use. The motion was passed IF the baseball association approved. Through a second party, I was told the baseball association did not approve. I asked to meet with the President so he could hear EXACTLY what was proposed, he turned me down. We are talking about the T-Ball field that no one is using at this time. I don’t understand what the problem is.

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