Brigantine DOG PARK update

According to recent report in Press of Atlantic City, Brigantine City Manager; Jennifer Blumenthal, said dog park was shut down because residents from adjacent condo and local football teams that practice near the dog park, had complained.

City will refund approximately 100 dog park permits. The city has issued about 500 permits since the park opened.

If suitable replacement dog park isn’t found, city may return $20,000 donation from Ron and Sandy Weiss, namesakes of this 42nd Street dog park.

One alternate location is land next to Community Center. This land could cost about $15,000 to prepare as a dog park – July 17 council meeting will debate and/or vote on next steps.

Residents: the way the park was closed is most upsetting. The dog owners were given no notice. City should have lined up new site before closing old dog park.

The need for a Dog Park in Brigantine was accepted by the City Council . Ordinance No.13-2008 was adopted on June 4, 2008.

As a social and recreational venue, the Dog Park belongs at the Community Center. When the temporary Park was padlocked, Senior Citizens who drive there to let their dogs get some exercise were locked out! The Dog Park members were punished directly by this action.

Many residents of Brigantine are year round seniors. Their children are grown; they pay taxes to support all of the fields and parks and activities, fundraisers, etc. that they are now excluded from using. All they want is a small fenced in area out of all that land that is empty 80% of the time when sports are not in season!

1. The Dog Park offers an opportunity for those living in condos or small homes to exercise their dogs and visit with friends in a controlled environment. IT IS A SAFE PLACE! 
2. Visitors and year round residents of Brigantine who use the Dog Park deserve their share of the Community Center Area. 

All dogs are accompanied by a human being responsible for their conduct and care, and socialized with people. Park hours are limited; the gates are electronically locked, no children under 18 are allowed into the park without an adult human; dogs are healthy and up to date on all shots.
Owners pick up all waste. Aggressive dogs are not allowed into the park. Please support us in this very small request. We support all costs for the park with our fees.

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