Brigantine Fears Loss of Control With County Wide Court System

Watch Brigantine Council video from OCT 6, 2021. Brigantine still saying no to county-wide court plan already adopted by 9 Atlantic County municipalities.

  • Galloway
  • Hamilton
  • Egg Harbor Township
  • Estelle Manor
  • Linwood
  • Weymouth Twp
  • Ventnor (early adopter)
  • Somers Point
  • Northfield

During the Oct. 6 meeting, Atlantic County Counsel James Ferguson, along with retired Superior Court Judge, Mark Sandson, presented benefits of the shared services plan. Both took questions.

As expected, Brigantine officials were prepared to defend their current court system. Arguments against the county court system were often confusing and poorly expressed. Watch video above.

Brigantine City Council

November 1, 2021 is the deadline for Brigantine to join the county-wide court plan. Mayor Sera says Brigantine will make a decision during the next council meeting. The new, Atlantic County wide court system starts on Jan. 1, 2022.

Mayor Sera expressed some regret in not joining the shared-services effort earlier.

Sera compared virtual court with virtual education. He likes neither.

Spearheaded by County Exec Denny Levinson. Atlantic County’s plan to establish a countywide municipal court system.

County Exec Levinson Explains Plan

Largest municipal court of it’s kind in New Jersey.

Brigantine doesn’t want to lose power, control, influence, jobs and bloated budgets.

40 yr Brigantine resident
  • New Jersey is the highest taxed state in country.
  • 450 separate court systems for the 565 municipalities of New Jersey.
  • Every court in Atlantic County is operating at a loss.

Benefits of Brigantine joining Atlantic County-wide municipal court system:

  • Cut down on in-person hearings.
  • 68% savings for Brigantine.
  • Cost reduction of $181,673 annually.
  • Turn loss/expense into surplus gain.
  • Better use of public safety resources.

Watch Video FACT CHECK: Brigantine Councilperson Karen Bew bemoaned lack of web access for the average person. Bew claimed too many don’t have computers, smart phones or easy access to the Internet. to Minutes later, Councilman DeLucry debunked Bew, saying nearly NO ONE has lack of web access.

There will be a loss of some local jobs.

Brigantine Insider

Citing no examples, Councilman Dennis Haney says ‘too much risk’ in this shared-services plan.

Brigantine Councilman Paul Lettieri was openly hostile to the shared-services plan.

Councilman Riordan admitted: Brigantine court system was bloated.

Cost to Brigantine will be based in part, on number of court cases.

Towns like Brigantine and Margate really under no pressure to save money. Higher tax assessments and 2nd homeowners pick up most of the municipal tab.

Brigantine is blessed with a very high ratable base.

Councilman Rick Delucry

A Brigantine municipal judge is now being considered for a position within the soon-to-launch county system.

Mayor Sera still blocking 2nd homeowners from watching Brigantine public meetings via YouTube.

Most of Brigantine City Council, including others within City Hall scoffed at the projected cost savings and efficiencies within a county-wide court plan.

Brigantine Public Works chief, John Doring, handles the city website in his spare time. Doring hasn’t posted meeting minutes for last 2 years. Under direction of Mayor Sera, Doring turned off Brigantine YouTube archive back in March 2021. The Mayor was asked why he blocked access to the Brigantine public meeting archive on YouTube. Mayor Sera would not answer that question. Delucry, Bew and Riordan also declined to share their opinion.

Brigantine has always enjoyed 6 figure salaries, longevity pay, boat checks and pension padding. What’s not to like?

Mark Sandson, J.S.C. (Ret.)

Judge Sandson was appointed a Judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey in 2007, and served honorably in this position until his recent retirement from the bench. He served in the Family Division and was the Presiding Judge of the Chancery Division, General Equity. He proudly ended his judicial career as a Recovery Court Judge in Atlantic and Cape May Counties.

Sweeney Legislation. Bill #3049.

NJ Gov. Murphy To Deploy ‘Shared Services Czar’ as Taxpayers Rejoice.
Brigantine Councilman Sera Defends Doran Engineering Sloppy Billing & Contracts

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8 thoughts on “Brigantine Fears Loss of Control With County Wide Court System”

  1. Dennis Haney is useless a council person
    Does absolutely nothing for his constituents
    Have never even seen him once in his ward
    Doesn’t fight for the wards share of capital spending
    Totally useless

  2. The Real Brigantine

    Brigantine fears losing control. The countywide municipal court system is a threat to their independence. Flying under the radar. No need for prying eyes from the outside world. More important to protect expensive home rule, jobs, jurisdiction and budgets, all funded by 2nd homeowners.

  3. Nepotism reigns supreme in Brigantine
    They know how to take care of themselves
    Look at the city manager retires as police chief with close to 100000 dollar pension
    Then becomes city manager with 100000 salary
    We should all be this lucky

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