Brigantine Mayor Still Blocks Webcast of City Council Meetings

Blocking Access To Council Meeting Video

Most Jersey shore towns do a decent job of recording and sharing their council meetings online. Many provide live webcasting and a YouTube channel as well. Brigantine is not one of those towns.

Ocean City, Ventnor and Margate all believe in taxpayer transparency via digital. Even dysfunctional Atlantic City offers live webcasting of their meetings, along with an archive of past council meetings.

Brigantine lacks taxpayer transparency. So what is Mayor Vince Sera trying to hide?

Former Brigantine Mayor, Phil Guenther, seems to have passed along his dislike of civic transparency to our current mayor, Mr. Vince Sera.

Greenhead Politics Alive and Well in Brigantine

We laughed every time former Brigantine Mayor, Phil Guenther pissed and moaned about his council meetings being shared online. Maybe Phil didn’t realize how stupid he sounded on video.

FACT: Guenther often advised residents to avoid watching Brigantine council video clips on BrigantineNOW. Yes. Guenther actually did that.

Earlier this year, March 2021 to be exact, Sera directed his staff to turn off the Internet feed of the monthly council meetings. No need for the YouTube channel as well. Why keep 75% of Brigantine taxpayers in the loop?

Like Guenther, Sera didn’t want the majority of taxpayers, 2nd homeowners, to see how the ‘sausage is made’.

Brigantine 2nd homeowners, in the off season, want to follow the meetings via live webcasting. If they miss the live webcast, they would normally be able to watch the video archive on YouTube.

That all stopped in March of this year.

Remember? Brigantine public safety employee deleted large amounts of official, video-taped council meetings. Coincidently, this person allegedly had access to private Council email as well. Nobody seemed to care.

But wait, it gets better.

Brigantine no longer provides access to ‘meeting minutes’, transcribed summaries of past meetings.

Why follow boring Brigantine council meetings? Every so often, something will be said to make your jaw drop.

You’d be amazed at how Brigantine elected officials spend your money. As an added bonus, you’ll witness the utter incompetence of Brigantine leadership.

Brigantine City Hall loves to spend shoobie tax money; those 2nd homeowners that don’t vote here.

There’s really no oversight. No opposition. Everybody inside City Hall is on the same side. A uni-party. What’s not to love?

Sadly, Brigantine Councilman Rick Delucry, the lone Democrat, no longer questions creepy activity perpetrated by his Republican colleagues on council. Why rock the boat? Just go along to get along. Right, Rick?

Did you know? Brigantine still supports longevity pay, lavish 6 figure salaries and pension padding.

And yes… some employees even sign-off on their own overtime!

Remember? All hell broke loose when BrigantineNOW pointed out how stupid it was to have SHOOBIE TUESDAY signs everywhere.

Municipal malfeasance happens when no one is held accountable.

Brigantine Insider

Voter roles are small and getting smaller in shore towns like Brigantine. This provides an easy win for incumbents and insiders in most cases. Local voters are often beholden to elected officials. That’s called nepotism.

Almost 75% of Brigantine taxpayers don’t vote in Brigantine. They just send money, keep quiet, and enjoy the beach 3 months a year. Mayor Vince Sera and Brigantine City Council likes it that way.

Brigantine mayor Sera

What Jersey Shore towns are the most transparent? Here’s a few:

See how Ocean City respects residents:

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5 thoughts on “Brigantine Mayor Still Blocks Webcast of City Council Meetings”

  1. i would love to know the inside secret as to why with all the taxes i pay i cant get my recyclables picked up every week. i know that is a very insignificant problem, but when i go into a restaurant and see a dirty bathroom it really makes me wonder about the kitchen.

    1. That has nothing to do with brigantine. It’s ACUA, and you’re not getting it picked up bc of staffing shortages. No one wants to work.

  2. Sera is a coward and a corrupt-to-the-bone wimp….always was, always will be.

    He and that career dimwit Guenther make a perfect pair….both desperately in need of a set.

    It’s time to drop a dime to the FBI on the corrupt thieves running this town…they make the Biden crime enterprise look like rank amateurs

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