Brigantine Golf Course Disappoints Taxpayers.

Debate continues about The Links, the city-owned golf course that Brigantine purchased in 2002 for open space. Reports say the golf course is one example of the looming crises awaiting the town due to budget shortfalls and uncompleted maintenance. The golf course’s fund balance has steadily declined, down nearly 46 percent since 2009 to $527,000 this year.

“I don’t believe we should be in the golf course business,” said resident Barbara Dragon. “I don’t believe taxpayers should pay (for it) through their taxes.”

“We do own it,” replied Council. “We can’t sell it; we can’t give it back.” Brigantine may bring in yet another third party to manage the course, make repairs and drive revenue. We can only assume they want to replace the current 3rd party management team that has struggled with this city asset.

According to the Press of AC, resident Frank Papa expressed concern about the city’s $4.6 million liability on employee retirement benefits. The city needs to be more proactive in heading off future budget crises, he said. “I’ve seen the can being kicked down the street every year,” he said.

In other Briggy News…….Brigantine approved a $1 million renovation project at the intersection of Brigantine Avenue and Brigantine Boulevard.

City Engineer Ed Stinson said the project will reconfigure the intersection and repave the roadway between 29th and 32nd streets. The project is paid for by Atlantic County since it’s a county road. Once completed by July 4, a part of Brigantine Avenue will become one-way.

Read more here in Press of AC

Watch this video for a little more background on the Brigantine Golf Course.


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2 thoughts on “Brigantine Golf Course Disappoints Taxpayers.”

  1. The follow statement on taxes in the Press is misleading. I have a home assessed at $325,000 and my taxes on my 2013 notification are $5112.75. The way they are being portrayed, it seems that the taxes are very low…. BUT the taxes are very high. … SO WHAT does this AC Press statement mean? I’m confused…….”If the rate stands, it would mean properties valued at the average residential assessment of $499,316 would pay $2,606 in city property taxes, up about 7 percent from the $2,436 paid last year.”
    BTW- We also have a house that is assessed at $1,778,000 and we were paying $21,289.34- yes- Twenty-one THOUSAND dollars OUCH!!!!! We don’t need an INCREASE to over-pay for salaries and benefits. PLEASE HELLLLLLP!!!!

  2. Golf Course do you think someone would be willing to lease the golf course since they cannot buy it. Maybe have a graduated lease plan so the lessor could realize a profit and the Brigantine could offset their losses over time ? At least this would stop the bleeding somewhat? Just a thought.

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