Brigantine Losing Community feel, Short-Term Rentals to blame?

As seen on social media. A very dear family who has lived in Brigantine for the past 10 years was recently told by their landlord they have to move out when their lease is up. Kids are in middle and high school. They are heartbroken and don’t want to leave Brigantine.

Leah: A reality becoming all too familiar as we just waved goodbye to our neighbors and their moving truck to PA for the same reason. My 8yr old son was balling his eyes out in the street watching them drive away with his best friend.

Melissa D  I am praying we see a rise in yearly rentals. No wonder our school enrollment has declined so much. So upsetting.

Ever rising costs and supporting a school system with less kids than my entire junior high school had!

Cost per student in Brigantine is a whopping $39,000. Students have a 22% proficiency in Math. School enrollment has dropped to just 400.

Public Comment, Aug 16, 2023.

Michelle C Kicked out of our yearly rental. We lived there for 10 yrs. Its a sin there isn’t more yearly rentals. We’ve been trying to buy, but prices have gone through the roof.

Harry W: Really need some new candidates to run for city council if the current members won’t resolve this. Numerous NJ towns have set strict limits on Airbnb’s. Meanwhile, we’ve had shootings, numerous cars stolen from a repair shop across the street from an AirBnB party house, and weekend rentals around the golf course used for heroin packaging. Way to go city council.

So sad to see what Brigantine is turning into. Truly heartbreaking. Would definitely move back if there was something I could actually afford.

April S-M Greed is taking over the Brigantine I’ve come to love and enjoy for 30 yrs. Break’s my heart. Gigantic homes that sit empty until the summer rush, pushing out locals who’ve been here forever. Makes me so mad to see this happening.

Damian V Ban short term rentals? When the town loses a ton of revenue due to less tourism and raises property taxes drastically, y’all will cry about that too.

Noelle D: People that purchased homes the last few years have high mortgages & if they rent it out it would have to cover that payment. Brigantine has turned into a summer rental town not many yearly’s because the money is alot better. Can’t blame them. My mom rents to a tenant year round only because he’s a good tenant. She’s content with having a good tenant & no problems.

Christopher G Landowners face huge taxes and other costs. How about water bills increasing 65% THIS YEAR!

Julie M not only that, but bad tenants are a problem. In NJ, you can’t get a bad tenant out at the end of a lease except for specific reasons which are difficult. During the pandemic, I couldn’t evict a tenant who owed me 6 months rent.

It can be difficult getting bad tenants out. I must say I’ve been very fortunate to have great tenants that come back year after year. Now that’s not to say there never have some problems, but accidents happen.

So sad that Brigantine has become entirely seasonal.

Renting my place in the summer is part of my retirement plan. My home, my choice.

Jeanine K If I didn’t work part-time for my landlord to cover the portion of rent I can’t afford, I wouldn’t be able to live in Brigantine.

M S Handle #1 reason landlords switching from year round to weekly rentals is because during Covid there was a moratorium on evictions for close to two years. Some tenants stopped paying rent because they were out of work or whatnot. The landlords still had mortgages to pay and got no relief.

Don’t blame the landlords. Their costs have increased dramatically and keep increasing each year.

Dee W–B Luckily, us locals can vote. Those on council can’t be complacent at this point since they’re catering to landlords.

Dawn R Some landlords were really burned during the pandemic. Some people who received all that money from the government, instead of paying rent, they abused the eviction moratorium.

Karen P It’s not about high rent, it’s about the fact THERE IS NO YEARLY RENTALS.

Melissa D Yearly rentals are scarce and high priced all over. It is a problem in many places.

Bob C Ten years ago I was getting $1500 per week in the Summer. Why would I want to rent it out yearlong and lose the ten weeks of Summer?

Linda Renting is a business.

Tiffany I was told years back that 50 % of the homeowners lived here year round. But once Hurricane Sandy hit many people could not afford to stay in Brigantine. This was told to me by a long time resident.

Harry W The Airbnb owners behind the decimation of our community should be launched into the sun. I miss when Brigantine wasn’t a town full of short term rentals. Used to be full of families and life year round. Get rid of AirBnBs !

Nirpa Desai: Owned multiple rental properties and sold them at beginning of covid. No regrets.

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