Brigantine Short-Term Rental Association

Opposed to Restrictions.

The Brigantine Short Term Rental Association wants Mayor Sera and City Council to reject the proposed Short Term Rental requirements presented on August 16th, 2023.

This post is a work in progress.

Dear Mayor Sera and City Council,

We, the undersigned residents, property owners, and concerned citizens of Brigantine, support the Short Term Rental Association and are asking that the Council reject the proposed Short Term Rental requirements proposed by the City’s Short Term Rental Committee on August 16, 2023. 

While we understand the need to appropriately regulate these rentals to preserve the unique character of our town, we believe that the proposed overly restrictive requirements put forth by the City’s STR subcommittee may inadvertently stifle the economic vitality, tourism, and vibrancy that have been an integral part of our community for decades. 

Furthermore, since there is only one hotel on the island, the short-term rentals help the City meet its Public Trust Doctrine requirements by allowing people of all walks of life to enjoy our beaches without further City funded infrastructure. 

Finally, the current proposal seems to have been rushed and prepared based upon inaccurate facts, such as, an erroneous number of short-term rental properties in Brigantine, the lack of data regarding adverse short-term rental incidents and need/cost analysis for additional enforcement staff. 

Vacation rentals have allowed homeowners to supplement their incomes, support local businesses on a year-round basis (including restaurants, churches and shops) and contribute to our area’s tax base. 

These homeowners are not large corporate conglomerates but rather individuals committed to preserving the charm and residential quality of life that make our community special while providing access to vacationers who cannot afford the luxury of owning a beach property. 

If adopted, the current proposal would force many of these homeowners to sell their properties and result in a decline in tourism.  A more balanced approach can be achieved through further fact-finding; a more collaborative effort between fulltime residents, property owners, and stakeholders to find productive solutions; and enforcement of the existing regulations. 

We hope that further dialogue will unite us as a community to preserve the essence of our island while ensuring its economic viability into the future.

We respectfully urge you to reject the proposed overly restrictive regulations and instead take the time needed for a well-balanced proposal which will benefit all members of our wonderful community.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our perspective.

Mayor proposes new tax levy on Short Term Rentals (STR)

Updated: Aug 22

August 16, 2023 the city council held a special meeting of the Short Term Rental Committee and proposed a 1% tax on all short term rentals booked via vacation rental sights. Additional proposed actions are pending committee approval as well. The committee also made the recommendations based on what they report as 200 complaints by citizens of Brigantine against short term rental disturbances.

Members of the Brigantine Short Term Rental Association met on Sunday, August 20th to construct a petition to fight the egregious sanctions being proposed on the STR community in Brigantine. A petition was formed and can be signed here Help Save Brigantine Tourism, Support Short Term Rentals.

The Brigantine Short Term Rental Association encourages all business owners, homeowners and vacation owners to sign the petition. Unjust sanctions will no doubt burden the booming economy during the summer tourist season reducing the income we derive from its existence. Many short term rental owners have voiced concern over the restrictive winter rentals which may cause financial burdens to jeopardize their homes. Many of the short term rentals in Brigantine are owned and operated by local residents. The goal is to reach a balance of sanctions which will not only serve to benefit our community but preserve property values and neighbor relations as well.

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7 thoughts on “Brigantine Short-Term Rental Association”

  1. I get why the STR association wants Sera and Council to reject the current proposal on the table. However you have been no where over the last year. Sorry. Several of you have been breaking the law for several years having operated as a commercial entity in a residential zone. Your committee now has sufficient data now to present a counter proposal. That’s what you should be doing not asking for further dialogue. For goodness sake, step up to the plate and present an alternative on Wednesday night taking into account all the legitimate concerns you have heard. And stop operating commercial STR businesses in a residential zone. I’m talking 20th street and 8th Street North…..

    1. The easy solution here is to identify the 2,000 str the association claims are in town. Impose a str tax specifically related to them and force the mayor and platt to reinvest that income into the town or grants for business.

      It’s a tourism town with very little to do other than go to the beach, a weekend min is more than fair.

      If the town could directly benefit from the added revenue then I highly doubt as many locals will complain. Your are delusional if you think Platt and the Mayor will fight against the
      Str properties and lose out on the revenue.

      Platt got a $50k raise and his budget for next year is $3mm over last, where do you think that’s coming from?

    2. I live on 19th St. iand The Ocean 1804 ocean avenue has been rented for berry short terms and overcrowding. My suggestion is pick up the same rules that Margate and Long port uses and apply them to this town.

  2. So now you want the Shoobies? You can’t have it both ways. Although it appears that’s what you want. It’s’ a “come here, come here, get away, get away” schizophrenic mentality. (No offense to anyone with real mental illness.)

    Make up your minds people.

  3. Senor citizens are being pushed out of their Apts and communities who’ve been here many years I’ve tried to contact mayor’s office representatives ie state of nj no returns calls this is DISPICABLE

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