VIDEO: Brigantine Mayor & City Manager Could Face Lawsuit over Short-Term Rentals

Why does Brigantine have hundreds of short-term rentals controlled by absentee landlords?

One likely answer: Brigantine has virtually no rules, restrictions or enforcement of current, city short-term rental law.

Growing concerns that a small group of well-funded, absentee STR landlords are gaining control of Brigantine’s future with the help of Mayor Sera and City Manager Platt.

brigantine city manager platt
Tiger Platt

Class Action Lawsuits Against Sera and Platt were threatened not once, but three times during the council meeting.

‘You’re all culpable’ said one resident during public comment.

Short-Term Rentals Harming Quality Of Life In Brigantine.

I’m no lawyer, but sounds like Mayor Sera is colluding with anonymous short-term rental operators while ignoring local homeowners?


Collusion Allegations In Brigantine Over Short-Term Rentals?

Bew & Sera

Mayor Sera admitted to meeting privately (impromptu) with the Brigantine STR, Short-Term Rental Association. Sera wouldn’t identify who he met privately with, or who set up the meeting.

Soon after what some consider a legally ‘sketchy’ meeting, Sera changed the pending STR recommendations / amendments, as well as the scheduled vote. Sera says the new proposed rules are being reviewed by city atty.

Dangerous Activity.

Negligence for past 7 years. Lip service. We showed you evidence. You’ve been negligent.

Email from Brigantine’s MAYOR SERA: Last week, we had a very positive meeting with representatives of the Short-Term Rental Association. They presented a reasonable proposal on how they and the City could work together to solve the short-term rental issues on the Island. As a result, City Council’s STR Committee has amended its proposal. The City attorney is in process of reviewing changes. We are hoping to have something ready for the public at October 4 council meeting. (There will be no vote at Sept 20 meeting)

Short Term Rentals Harming Quality of Life in Brigantine?

As predicted, Brigantine Mayor Vince Sera and City Manager Tiger Platt delayed the promised STR, short-term-rental vote scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 20.

Brigantine has virtually no restrictions or enforcement of current city rental law.

The Brigantine Planning Board (selected by Mayor Sera) created a monster. Weekend party people don’t go to local restaurants or stores. They bring their own kegs, bars, catering and music.

Jack Murray is the Brigantine Fire Official. He manages inspection of 1,000 local rental properties. Murray wants Platt to hire more inspectors, asap.

Resident Andrea: Allowing anything less than a ONE WEEK MINIMUM will turn our residential zone, comprised of single-family homes, into a cluster of “Mc Mansion” motels/hotels. 

New York City recently banned STRs. Watch how former New York City STR property owners seek out other destinations to continue their STR business… like Brigantine. 

A 2 or 3 night rental minimum will destroy our island. Wreak havoc in our neighborhoods.

STR property owners represent a small fraction of residential property owners in Brigantine. That’s less than 1%. This small group of well-funded, absentee landlords are gaining control of city’s future.

Minimum stay requirement should be 1 WEEK. Just like most other shore towns.

Weekend party people don’t go to local restaurants or stores. They bring their own kegs, bars, catering and music.

Middle class families systematically being forced out thanks to rapid rise of illegal party houses in residential neighborhoods.

Brigantine Rental Occupancy Violations Mayor Sera
Occupancy Violations?

Young families can’t afford Brigantine.

Some Brigantine homeowners now consider selling. Others threaten legal action against Sera and Platt. Some deciding NOT to retire in Brigantine.

Yes, some will file complaints against Sera and Platt. Yet others with deep pockets will swoop in and grow their party-house portfolio along Brigantine Beach.

Note: Platt employment contract and job description still not posted online for public view.

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11 thoughts on “VIDEO: Brigantine Mayor & City Manager Could Face Lawsuit over Short-Term Rentals”

  1. Sera and Council are culpable. Sera repeatedly stated they didn’t enforce existing law. He admitted it and cannot blame lack of resources.

    Sera and Council allowed a few STR owners to break the law. We have STR landlord on 20th street admitting city allowed him to do so.

    Having a meeting with STR committee members via a “friend” seems a bit off.

    Sera couldn’t have meeting with homeowners who continuously and over months and months, have done his job in gathering evidence?

    Pleading with Sera and city council to exercise their duty in enforcing the law.

    And now that it’s getting murky, Sera allows Platt to speak? Sera should not have to ask Platt if he shared our evidence with the lawyers.

    Sera had all the information and should have shared it months ago with the lawyers. There are no words for this preventable fiasco.

  2. I’m no lawyer, but sounds like Mayor Sera is colluding with anonymous short-term rental operators while ignoring local homeowners.

    1. Sera fully admitted his meeting with STR members was “anonymous”. Why on earth is it anonymous? Who does that when this STR matter has been in the public record for months. Be upfront about who you are meeting. This is not a good sign for transparency. Citizens have to give their name and address before they are able to make comments at council meetings. Anonymous meetings in my opinion show a lack of courage. Definitely not a good sign.

    2. Sounds like collusion because Sera did it anonymously. Why not be transparent. He constantly professes to be transparent. Reardon, member of City Council, also held an impromptu but advertised meeting on STRs prior to last council meeting. No clue what his feedback was to City Council and Sera. Perhaps he will share at next meeting in October.One off meetings like this seem a bit mysterious. What’s up? New pattern and practice?

  3. In other shore towns you can rent a hotel/motel room for three night min. Alot of people go for long weekends. Brigantine does not have any hotel/motels.

  4. This news paper is horribly one sided. I dont even like Brigantine. Why would any1 want to be mayor or represent you when all you do is cry and complain? My in laws have a house there. Theres nothing there but the beach and the park. Those str tax dollars will help build the Island. You people are crazy just like the “no wind turbine” people. Just weird and out dated tbh

  5. Well, there used to be quite a few motels here plus the pink cottages and log cabins, that could handle short term renters. While they may have been a nuisance or unsightly or drew low class clientele, none of them were in the middle of residential blocks. The powers that be did nothing while they were all demolished (with apparently no thought of rebuilding or renovation) or converted to condos. They might have claimed that their motivation was to create a more “upscale” Brigantine because they were tired of being a quiet fishing town, but their real motivation was $$$$$. Flash forward a few years (past the period when they were knocking down cottages and replacing them with side by side duplexes) and the powers that be decide it’s a good idea to allow folks to build homes with 6 and 7 bedrooms on random residential blocks to handle the short term rental needs that the old places could have easily accommodated.. Anybody around here ever hear of zoning?

  6. I wonder how many STR owners are Brigantine residents and vote in the city elections compared to the number of residents who want some controls put on the STRs. Seems like the mayor should take that into consideration.

  7. STR Rentals are not the problem. Lack of enforcement of established laws are the problem. Noise violations should be provided as needed. If an owner receives 3 or more noise violations in a year, they lose their rental license. Why punish the 99% of STRs that rent to families (and generate much needed revenue for the local economy) over literally less than 10 houses that create issues? Enforce the laws and the problem will be resolved.

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