Watch ‘Thrown To The Wind’ Documentary; Exposing Government Destruction Of Marine Habitat

WATCH: Thrown To The Wind

For years, the government has insisted that the increase in whale deaths off the East Coast has no relationship to the wind industry’s high-decibel pile driving and boat activity.

But now, a new documentary, ‘Thrown To The Wind,’ based on new research, will challenge that.

The film documents surprisingly loud, high-decibel sonar emitted by wind industry vessels when measured with state-of-the-art hydrophones. And it shows that the wind industry’s increased boat traffic is correlated directly with specific whale deaths.

From journalist Michael Shellenberger: Exposing U.S. government agencies and the scientists who work for them.

Either they haven’t done the basic mapping and acoustic research to back up their claims, have done the research badly, or found what we found, and are covering it up.

In Brigantine, the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, MMSC, has kept too quiet during this slaughter of 62 whales by foreign wind companies.

Protect Marine Life

‘Saving the North Atlantic Right Whale is a goal that is within reach and well worth pursuing. Yes, its numbers have plummeted from over 400 to just 340 at the last estimate. But the species will likely rebound if the sonar mapping and new boat activity in previously untrafficked areas is ended’ says Shellenberger.

BOEM could be in violation of the Endangered Species Act. High-decibel sound emissions appear to violate NOAA’s protective standards for marine life.

62 known whale deaths on the east coast since Dec. 1, 2022. Once rare whale strandings have increased since 2016. North Atlantic right whales are headed for extinction. Only 340 left.

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7 thoughts on “Watch ‘Thrown To The Wind’ Documentary; Exposing Government Destruction Of Marine Habitat”

  1. Donald F. Ackerman

    For years, those that deny that the climate changing due to CO2 emissions into the atmosphere have pointed to all sorts of phony “documentaries” to “prove” their points. They don’t even believe a problems exists. Fortunately science does not care what people believe and will continue to work to save the planet.

    1. Gee I wonder how much carbon emissions will be produced by all of the ships and equipment burning diesel fuel to build the thousands of wind turbines off the coast. And once thousands of them slow down the jet stream and stall it over the east coast I’m sure the air quaint will be just nifty. Since China’s coal burning emissions drift over our continent.

  2. Haven’t half of those 62 whale deaths been determined to have been caused by boat collisions? They’re easy to tell by the fact that they’re sliced up

    Regardless of what the exact number is, if the filmmaker is claiming right out of the gate that EVERY whale death must have been caused by sonar, then it makes him seem less trustworthy. If the problem is so bad, why does he need to exaggerate? Because sensationalism sells, I suppose

      1. Sonar mapping has been used all over the world for decades, including by fisherman. Why is it only causing whale deaths here, and only since 2016?

        Maybe it’s something else?

  3. All it took for me to understand sonar related whale deaths was to hear the sound for myself. Disorienting enough for a human in three seconds. I can only imagine what whales go through.

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