1. What does the south end of the island look like? North end seemed to get most of the damage, by pictures shared.

  2. Anyone have any pictures of the bay area of Brigantine near the Elks Lodge? Just wondering what our townhouse looks like and our boat that was in the driveway on the trailer.

  3. Can anyone provide a brief description of Brigantine at this time? Such as no electricity or water, most streets north of city hall have 12″ of sand all the way up to the homes, the water level is still 12″ over the entire area, the worse section to have damage is ….., the water height at last night’s high tide for the entire island was 24″36″, 48″, etc. just trying to comprehend how bad individual home will be once we get a chance to get down there. thanks

  4. Anyone know what Vernon Place looks like? South of Roosevelt. Any info would be great. Anxious here in Philly. Stay safe everyone!

    1. there is a pic up looks to be taken from 2nd street So with the school on the right looks to be ALOT of water I have a friend I checked with who lives there and said they got water in their house they are close to the corner by the Circle.

      1. Thank you for the information Donna!! If your friend is bored and wants to check on 205 Vernon place that would be great!!! I do know that the people who live behind me on Roosevelt are okay no water. thank you again so much!

  5. It is very frustrating to those of us who evacuated that hardly any info. has been provided to us via major news stations I.e. channels 10 and 6. Many residents of brig. relocated to PA and if you call the 2661111 number it just says watch news for updates. I even have been in communication with these news channels to tell them we have been instructed to watch for updates and they pretty much have passed over Brigantine. Is it try true that now I hear no one will be allowed back even tomorrow (wed)? Has our Mayor done a press conference yet as we cannot access TV 40 and it needs to be sent to other news stations.

  6. Am I the only one who’s beyond upset about the lack of communication by Brigantine government to the homeowners about what is happening in Brigantine? I certainly realize there are many things going on right now however I feel that 1 of their responsibilities is to communicate to the home owners of Brigantine. There was 0 communication with Irene and there has been near 0 communication with Sandy. The official Brigantine website is a complete joke!!! This must change in the future. I certainly hope it’s a long time before anything like this happens again but this can not continue!

  7. No Scott s your not the only one.I live on 14 th st n and have no f..int clue what my house looks like,if I have roof,windows,cat etc….I’m disgusted and pissed.next time I will not leave no matter what.doesn’t anyone understand that our homes in brig are our lives!!!!

  8. Has anyone been around 212 W. Brigantine Avenue? My Mom (Mom is not there) has a place there and we have not been able to get any information on conditions or damage. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Jackie you may be my next door neighbor! I have heard nothing either other than the fact that the island is closed! Would love to know if windows are out or damaged to protect against further problems…..

  9. We own 3713 W. Brigantine Ave. and have not been allowed back to get in today. If anyone can send a photo or 2 it would be great appreciated.

    Thank You to all the great men and women who are working so hard to restore our island.
    Peggy DeNaples and Jim Muller

    1. Hi Peggy, I am told that 33rd and ocean looks great, so hopefully the same for you. For the most part the 30s flooded near the bay and not by the ocean cause of the wide beach and dunes. Hope that helps a little.

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