Brigantine Needs McClay for Mayor. Written by Lauren Marconi.

To the editor, from Lauren Marconi…

I’m a sophomore at Franklin and Marshall College pursuing medicine. I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa McClay at the Farmer’s Market two weeks ago by accident, though I have known for some time that she is campaigning for mayor of our city.

I wanted to let everyone who reads this know that Mrs. McClay is dedicated to serving our community with genuine care, trust and vision.

As a summer resident of Brigantine of 19 years, it has come to my attention through council meetings, word of mouth, and my own witness to certain things on our island, that change needs to happen.

We certainly need a new direction, a new voice, and a new leader who is able to answer our residents without scripted words or political replies.

Someone who demonstrates genuine care and concern, and is hungry not for his or her own power or money, but for changing the status quo.

It’s no secret what this town needs.

As a young student, I have been taught critical thinking skills. Yet, it doesn’t take a college education to understand increasing annual taxes, clean-up and maintenance of storm drains, roads, beach entrances, etc., and 25 brand-new cop cars for a seven-mile island.

Lisa McClay is a woman who hears our concern for these issues instead of listening to her own voice.

I truly believe that Lisa McClay is what Brigantine needs, and I endorse her platform. I implore you to consider her for mayor of Brigantine.

Lauren J. Marconi

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