Brigantine & NJ Fishermen to Keep Less Fluke

Brigantine and other New Jersey fishermen are not happy about the lower number of fluke they can keep this year. The Atlantic State Marine Fisheries Commission was recently forced to soothe angry New York anglers who complained about their strict fluke regulations. In 2013, NY had a 19-inch minimum size and four fish limit, while NJ had a 17.5-inch size limit and five fish limit.

New fishing rules also establish a regional system that will tie New Jersey, New York and Connecticut together. Now, all three must have the same regulations. NJ, NY and CT will determine together, a proposal that would include an 18-inch keeper, a four-fish limit and 128-day season. Each state can determine which days fishing is allowed, but it must be the same number of days.

Tom Fote, a New Jersey representative on the Atlantic State Marine Fisheries Commission, voted against the new plan.

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