Brigantine Republicans Sweep. Gain Back Majority.

Congratulations are in order. The votes are in. Amid substantial accusations, questionable financial management & plenty of mud that stuck, full-time Brigantine residents took it in stride and voted in 22 year Mayor Guenther…. for another 4 years.

The political gods were shining down on Councilman Andy Simpson too. He escaped a stinging Real Estate and City Hall ‘glitch’ scandal to gain another term. Passionate newcomer and Guenther protege; Vince Sera, nabs a solid win in his very first try.

Mayor Guenther is poised to now serve Brigantine for 26 years. Wow. A quarter of a century. How about that….snagging 1,973 votes, beating Councilwoman Lisa McClay… who garnered 1,446 votes. Talk of term limits were heightened by this win.

Guenther Wins 7th term as Mayor.

The Republicans will nominate three candidates for the 1st Ward council position being vacated by Simpson, who will control at large seat.

Vince Sera attracted 1,848…. and Andy Simpson holds onto power with 1818 residents pulling his lever.

Robert Pollilo – 1,564
Frank Kern – 1,553

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8 thoughts on “Brigantine Republicans Sweep. Gain Back Majority.”

  1. The storm is over. The people HAVE SPOKEN. Brigantine has sincere dedicated employees, police and firemen who provide their time and expertise (yes they are paid) who guard that wall, so that the rest of us can live the quality of life we enjoy in Brigantine.

    Now it is time for the negative energy to turn positive, healing the wound of the past two years, to continue to focus on families, education, commercial improvements, and our natural resources with our beautiful beach and golf course.

    I, a proud American, Veteran, and an Independent registered voter, look forward to working with Mayor Guenther and council to make the place where I live, the place to live. I encourage all residents to attend the council meetings and be part of this process.


  2. So what does this vote say about the voters in Brigantine?

    Who will make up the council seats going forward?

    Who will be an/the opposing force on council?

    Was Guenther just voted Mr. Mayor Forever?

    Is Brigantine a microcosm of the US in general, where self serving corrupt career politicians rule?

  3. As a long time Brigantine homeowner, I am delighted that we will have the experienced and proven leadership of Phil Guenther at the helm of our City Council, complimented by the business experience of Andy Simpson and the enthusiasm and fresh new ideas that Vince Sera will bring to the table.

    The voters have spoken very clearly and now it is time for us all to work together in the best interest of our incredibly beautiful island that we all love.

  4. Yep, corruption rules, but Karma will get them!
    I look forward to watching it happen.
    I am not surprised. Brigantine is close knitted. They ain’t letting nobody in. The people there are the same as the politcians.
    You scratch my back, I eill scratch yours. They are all disgusting, crooked slimes.
    Instant Karmas gonna get you!

  5. These numbers don’t add up. How do we have 3,300+ voters and approx. 790 school students and approx. 7,900 full time residents. Also whenever I look at the weekly police report I see about 300 calls received each week. This all seems irregular.

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