Brigantine Second Home Owners Angered by Links Golf Course Give-Away

Links Golf course Brigantine Phil Guenther
Mayor & Council Celebrate Links Golf Course Deal

Letter to the Editor: Brigantine’s Second Home Owners Like Brigantine’s City Council, all residents want to welcome you back for a great summer on your Beautiful Island. What you may not know, is that for your convenience, City Council set aside two meeting, at City Hall, starting at 9:00am on Saturday June 6th and Saturday July 18th.

As a non-resident you can’t vote for City Council, and since your taxes make up greater than 60% of our revenue, it’s a great opportunity to ask questions on how your dollars are being spent.

One of the biggest potential hits to our city’s budget is the Link’s Golf Course.

The course has been losing money for several years, and since it’s City owned, the taxpayers cover revenue shortfall. At the beginning of 2015 our City Council had an opportunity to lease the Links to the Ron Jaworski’s Group. This would have relieved taxpayers from covering revenue shortfalls. However the Republican majority on council, over Democrat opposition, voted to reject Jaworski’s offer in favor of attempting to make the Links a not for profit golf course.

This again will make taxpayers responsible for any revenue shortfalls.

All taxpayers hope the Links will be profitable but past history is the best predictor of future success. The single largest expense in the City Budget is Labor Costs. This area, through past bad financial decisions has cost the taxpayer dearly.

Since the major city contracts are up for renewal this year, we need the City Manager to negotiate, keeping in mind the current financial conditions, in the taxpayer’s best interest. Have a wonderful and safe summer and enjoy all our island has to offer.

As part of your summer, if possible, plan to attend these two important meetings. This is your opportunity to express any concerns to Council for their review and response.

Richard Ramil

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4 thoughts on “Brigantine Second Home Owners Angered by Links Golf Course Give-Away”

  1. Is there a non resident homeowners group in Brigantine I can join to learn more and help? Any info appreciated… thanks

  2. That’a a great idea, but it sounds to me like that’s the last thing the City Council
    of this town would want. They’re not interested in your 2 cents, just your tax

  3. I live far away and can not attend this meeting I am in Fl. keeping an eye on building my home and want some one to speak up for me to say SHAME on you City Counsel for nixing the Jaworski deal and strapping the tax payers once again. I love Brigantine but the taxes are getting so high for my 1 unit condo of a 2 unit building. which I can’t understand as the school population is 1/2 of what it was when I bought in 2000. Way toooo many police and firemen for such a small island. When there is an opportunity to take some of the pressure off the REPUBLICANS vote no.VOTE these guys out, I am a rebublican and if I could vote I would vote for the democrats they can’t be any WORSE than the ole boys club.

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