Brigantine Spotlight: City Solicitor Fred Scerni

When in doubt, cornered by the facts, or when his stammering gets too intense….. Mayor Phil Guenther can always fall back and punt to Fred Scerni, our highly qualified City Solicitor.


At times, it seems like Mr. Scerni is not fond of bailing out Guenther and his wing-man; Councilman Simpson. But hey, Fred’s a pro. He hangs in there, because he’s paid to do just that.

We have to admit, it’s quite compelling. Sometimes, it’s downright amazing to watch Mr. Scerni perform verbal gymnastics to stay true to the law and provide legal cover. It’s not easy dealing with the double-talk that often emanates from Guenther and his creepy wing-man, Councilman Andy Simpson.

Scerni deserves double pay for how often he saves Guenther & Simpson’s sorry asses. Bravo Fred.

Fred Scerni works for the esteemed law firm of Parker McCay, where Philip Norcross is the Chief Executive Officer.

In addition to Brigantine, Fred is also solicitor for the City of Pleasantville, City of Estell Manor, and is a redevelopment attorney for the City of Egg Harbor. Fred also serves as general counsel to the Stockton Aviation Research and Technology Park Corporation.

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