Brigantine Summer Recap 2015

Wow. That’s all we can say. Superb weather and low gas prices contributed to a strong summer season in Brigantine. While not back to pre-Sandy levels, Brig is bouncing back, albeit slowly.

Recap of recent key events:

New Business:

  • Casa Del Mare
  • New owners of Pirates Den
  • The Cove
  • Ice cream window at Joe’s Seaside Market
  • Salty Sea Studio

Closed Business

  • 7-11
  • SUN BANK (soon to close)
  • CVS 9th street.

Brigantine Water-view Reduction Program

  • New construction at Lighthouse Circle started

Brigantine Business Acquisition Program

  • Links Golf Course
  • Links Clubhouse Restaurant
  • Links Clubhouse Pro-Shop

New Construction

  • Ground breaking & new home construction started at ‘Brigantine Pointe’ (North End beach entrance)

City Public Contracts

  • Police Dept signs new contract. New hires take lower pay to start. Much longer to reach top salary. Police Dept veterans keep longevity pay.
  • Fire Department still holding out for higher pay and benefits. FD contract expired over 2 years ago. Union leader; Tiger Platt of Absecon NJ playing hardball.

Shark Park

  • After many delays, popular playground finished via help of volunteers.

Shoobie Tuesday

  • Nice to finally notice NO ‘Shoobie Tuesday’ sign on entrance way to Brigantine.

Water Weenie

  • Popular ‘Water Weenie’ food boat playing by the rules. Staying off beach….floating just slightly off shore at ‘Cove Beach’.

Laguna Beach Grill

  • Live music events like ‘G-Love’ proved wildly successful. More visitors from ‘OTB’ over the bridge, discovering this beach front destination.

City Council Meetings No Longer Available to View Online

  • Mayor Guenther and Councilwoman McClay OK with no ability to view City Council meetings, on-demand…on YouTube. Part time residents not happy especially since this is a no-cost service for all taxpayers. Residents see this as Council’s way of hiding embarrassing interactions & votes at monthly Brigantine City Council meetings. City Webmaster; Tim Reed, just following orders.

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3 thoughts on “Brigantine Summer Recap 2015”

  1. New Business, always nice, but The Cove ? I’d be shocked if its still open by next year… and you forgot Koi, new Chinese on 31st., eh…. Best Food in Town was much better

    > as best new business ? – winner is – Casa Del Mare, VERY VERY nice !

  2. Forgot new businesses:
    Ice cream at joes seaside.
    Salty sea studio

    And a face lift for ocean beverage.

    Additional outdoor eating tables popping up all over. Cellar 21. Andre. Case del mare mad dog. Joes seaside. Yiannis pirates. Gucci bros .. M loving it!

    1. After several of us doggie Mom’s cleaned up the beach after “pigs” leaving cans and trash on Labor Day, I had the best experience. A woman walking her pitbull wound up stepping on a fish hook. We flagged down a police officer who came to her aid. He called emergency services who recommended her going to the hospital to have it removed as it was imbedded deeply. She was reluctant as she didn’t want to leave her dog. The officer asked if anyone was at her home and told her he would take the dog home. We watched as she was taken away by ambulance and the wonderful officer walked the dog to his SUV. Reminded us of watching of the movie Turner and Hooch. What a wonderful Police Officer who went above and beyond to ensure the woman was safe physically and emotionally! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a compassionate man and city employee!

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