Brigantine is Talking Election Day 2014

Brigantine is Talking Election 2014. Letter to the editor from Eric T Austin >> This may be the ugliest small town election I’ve ever seen! Why can’t we attract new business and new tourism? This is embarrassing. Maybe if politicians would put personal agendas aside and do what is best for the taxpayers, businesses and visitors the city would begin to thrive.

There need to be term limits put in place for council and the mayor. Every aspect of the budget needs to be scrutinized and savings opportunities identified. What services in this small town are being duplicated by the county? Sometimes difficult decisions have to be made in eliminating some redundant services.

They need to create a business friendly atmosphere which will bring in new businesses. This in turn could bring more visitors to the island and maybe even attract more full time residents.

Never heard it brought up before….but another major deterrent for people with children to move to Brigantine is the high school situation. Whether factual or just perception, outsiders don’t want their kids going to Atlantic City HS. Even Realtors talk about sending kids to private HS to prospective buyers.

Politicians need to work together and bring Brigantine into the 21st century and help make it the great island it can be!

Eric T Austin

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