Brigantine Water Rescue in Under 15 Minutes.

Brigantine Water Rescue

Brigantine WATER RESCUE – On Feb 24, Brigantine Firefighters / EMS personnel responded to a report of an overturned boat in the back bay behind 12th St. South.

Boater was rescued and safely tucked into an awaiting ambulance in under 15 minutes.

A boater was in the drink. 40 degree waters. A water response was initiated. Brigantine firefighters and EMS personnel launched a jet ski rescue from the boat ramp at 6th St South and Bayshore Ave.

Those newly purchased, cold water rescue suits came in handy. A wise, Brigantine investment.

Latest Safety Tools & Techniques in Brigantine.

The victim was located approximately 600 yards from shore. Contact was made with the victim, who was then retrieved and loaded onto a water rescue sled.

Brought back to Brigantine shore, the victim was loaded into an awaiting ambulance.

The victim was uninjured and luckily, only suffered from minor exposure injuries. SMART: He was wearing a 5 mil neoprene wet suit and life vest.

The NJ State Police, as well as SEA TOW, were notified of the incident and stranded vessel near the marsh.

Rescue Staging Area: Boat Ramp

UNDER 15 MINUTES for rescue. From initial notification of the incident, to the arrival of the victim into the ambulance, took less than 15 minutes.

Great work by Brigantine Public Safety; Fire, EMS, Police, and all support staff.

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