Brigantine’s 2,000 Short-Term Rentals, Neighborhood Motel Zones

Brigantine Mayor Sera Short Term Rental Hell
Mayor Sera: Rentals Out Of Control.

BRIGANTINE slow walking short-term rental reform for the past 6 years. Those 2,000 STR’s represent a booming business for Brigantine City Hall.

Yup, you heard right. 2,000 short-term rentals are available in Brigantine.

A transition in progress for Brigantine. From a quiet, family town to a weekend party destination featuring 2,000 short-term rentals.

Why is Brigantine the last shore town to properly regulate short term rentals, AirBnB and VRBO? Even stubborn Ventnor finally caved with a meager 3 night rental minimum. Margate has 7, Longport has 14 night minimum stay.

Mayor Vince Sera oddly confused in how neighboring towns mandate a 7-day rental minimum.

WATCH: Sera will delay meetings til after Labor Day when most residents are gone.

Brigantine City Manager Tiger Platt not enforcing zoning law?

STR’s are considered ‘Hospitality’ not Real Estate by the Federal Govt.

Barely 40 homes for sale. Inflated sales prices. Young families pushed out. Annual rentals are rare.

Brigantine has totally lost control of this STR situation.

Brigantine Real Estate Exec.

Owners worry that Brigantine will institute common sense STR restrictions. Just like Margate, Ventnor, and Longport have done.

Sera under pressure from short-term rental operators. Many are absentee owners. Some own multiple properties under various LLC names.

Questions about sub-leasing remain. Rental management companies busy handling multiple properties.

Andrea Sullivan represents a group of 20th Street neighbors.

Brigantine passed a weak and rarely enforced ordinance in 2017.

Brigantine Short Term Rental Party Houses

Brigantine City Council members remain quiet as Mayor Sera controls the city’s STR narrative.

Brigantine Commissioner Mike Riordan is a real estate agent. Looking forward to his thoughts.

Brigantine Mayor Sera’s Short Term Rental Hell

Noise, parking, safety issues, over-crowding, trash, rowdy and hazardous behavior by guests; people on roof tops.

As usual, Brigantine formed a sub-committee to further delay an answer.

Brigantine City Manager Tiger Platt failed to hire more staff to deal with short-term rentals.

Brigantine 4 life

Brigantine has one code enforcement officer and one inspection officer. Both must handle 2,000 short-term rental properties, as well as all property development on the island.

Brigantine has more than 2,000 short-term rentals.Brigantine Mayor Vince Sera

Four party houses on 20th Street. Too many STRS on one street.

Brigantine and Ventnor are swamped with short-term rental properties advertised on Airbnb and VRBO.

Over-saturation has lead some STR owners to sell one-night-only party rentals. Local business doesn’t benefit from this category of visitor.

Sullivan in email to neighbors: “Some STR owners left the meeting enlightened, and most were not aware of the craziness/lawlessness that some of these ‘McMonster’ STRs are wreaking on our neighborhoods.

  • Institute moratorium on short-term rental licenses
  • No license for properties not in compliance with city code
  • Short-term rental properties must list maximum occupancy numbers
  • Some owners turning garages and sheds into illegal rentals

City slow to reform outdated zoning and code enforcement efforts.

  • Eliminate one-day rentals
  • Enforce max occupancy
  • Only rent to age 25+

Sera not accurate about ordinances taking effect after Jan. 1 of next year. Two months is plenty for public comment and votes to amend Brigantine’s outdated STR ordinance.

Sera may slow walk this. This protects 2024 rental season. Watch as Brigantine allows STR owners to honor contracts written before possible 2024 amendment. ( grandfathered deals )

Prediction: Sera will lay down tougher rules for 2,000 STR’s but enforcement will be very limited.

Citizens group could file class action suit against Brigantine City Manager Tiger Platt and Mayor Sera? Both could be considered complicit in large-scale violation of city code.

Platt and Sera allowing HOSPITALITY businesses to operate within a Brigantine RESIDENTIAL zone.

Very funny: ‘We are going to surpass other municipalities in improving Brigantine’s quality of life,” Vince Sera said. “I don’t get things done fast. I get things done right.’

Public comment from ani2417:

( STR OWNER ) ensures his properties aren’t over occupied, yet his ads on and Airbnb state his houses can sleep anywhere from 22 to 26 people. Brigantine City ordinance permits up to 18 occupants in a residential zone. Anything above that number is considered a Resort House that is only permitted in a commercial zone. Advertising his houses as hotels.

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18 thoughts on “Brigantine’s 2,000 Short-Term Rentals, Neighborhood Motel Zones”

  1. Kathleen Nielsen

    The legacy of this mayor will be how Brigantine became the STR capital of the Jersey Shore. As the article states the mayor’ s inaction has ruined Brigantine. Sounds like there may be legal repercussions to the mayor and the city for allowing STR owners to break the law in allowing commercial hospitality in a residential area.

  2. Brigantine is not the family fun place it use to be. The houses get bigger, the party continues with so many people (young and reckless) stay only for a night or two.

    Please bring Brigantine back to a safe, family fun place. Thanks.

    1. Happy in Brigantine

      I’m sorry that you are not having fun in the beautiful town of Brigantine.
      Perhaps a day on the beach would fix that.

      1. Clean Up After Yourself - You’re not Entitled

        A day at the beach consists of picking up trash, empty water bottles and the smell or urine oh lets not forget those who don’t know how to drive in the beach or follow the speed limit. Yeah a day at the beach will do it. Not

  3. I remember when there were many little motels in Brigantine and summer rentals. Now that I want to vacation, there are no “motels”. All turned into tiny condos which rent for crazy amount$.

    The Seagull was the biggest motel/hotel on the island and it was built like a tank. Too bad that’s getting knocked down for overpriced beachfront homes.

    It was nice place to stay for working people on a budget.

    I miss those days.

      1. I could but prefer not too. Looking for a nice quiet getaway close to the beach. That’s why I like Brigantine. You’re not a good problem solver now are you?

  4. When we bought our home in 1998 we were in heaven. Beautiful beach, relatively quiet island. 25 yrs later,my have things changed— not really for the better! The traffic is scary, will someone have to be seriously hurt before something is done?? The crowds from all the STRs is affecting the quality of life on the island.
    Brigantine wanted to be discovered, be careful what you wish for!

    1. Signed, Happy in Brigantine

      What makes you think that the crowds are from STRs? The 2000 number is false.
      The big houses are summer houses for many…they have guests all summer.
      They also support businesses and the Brigantine economy in general through very high taxes (>$15,000/ year).
      I know you want the island to be 1998 flavor but that ship sailed.
      Enjoy your summer on our beautiful island.

  5. 1) Make STR visitors park at empty lot near old visitor center on expressway and take shuttle, paid for by STR owners, to the island.
    2) Construct noise barriers the height of the house around all STR’s at owner’s expense.
    3) Create a special response unit to A: Track down and return rowdy STR renters to their rental; B: Fire canisters of anesthetic gases over the barriers of problem STR’s; and C: Demolish any STR that has been subject to 3 such responses, at owner’s expense.

  6. Residents have issued complaints about certain rentals that are causing problems. I believe Brigantine mayor and cabinet should address those complaints directly with the owners. The owners must be made aware of the complaints and be given an opportunity to respond with resolutions. Then the mayor and his cabinet can address the situation with common sense rules and regulations. The draft of these proposals then should be presented publicly for imput.

  7. You’re mad because tourism has come to a beach town that only generates and attracts new business from tourists?

    I’ve been in Brigantine for a few years now and I’m shocked that people are this upset. Clearly you have never been to wildwood if you think this is a “party” scene or traffic is out of control, or the beaches are nuts. Ask any business owner and I’m sure 0% would agree with this.

    1. I agree Hank.
      This is about a few bad STR apples causing problems and those negatively impacted stroking with a broad brush.
      I think a record check shows that there are not 2000 STRs.
      There are many components causing some negative issues…. The COVE, Daytrippers (from AC) and some undesirable residents too.
      Should we just “close the bridge”?

      On the business part of this…I notice many new, wonderful businesses that are flourishing. Those businesses are doing very well because of the increase in patrons that are occupying the beautiful, upscale homes on our Island….many are occupied by STRs that replenish the customer base with “new customers ” as STRs turn-over frequently.

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