Brigantine Short Term Rental Committee Report

Will City Manager Step Up?

Residents shared short-term rental complaints with members of Brigantine City Hall recently. Short-term rental properties are taking over this once quiet, family oriented community.

Short-term rental reform will be discussed at the AUG 2, 2023 Brigantine City Council Meeting at 5pm.

Since 2017, short-term rentals, (STR’s) having heavy, negative impact on quality of life issues in Brigantine.

For past 6 years, Brigantine stubbornly protecting 2,000 STR owners, while ignoring majority of residential homeowners.

Most shore towns have a 7 night minimum stay. Brigantine has no minimums. An 18 yr-old with a credit card can easily rent a Brigantine home for a weekend party.

Mayor Vince Sera and Councilmen Dennis Haney and Paul Lettieri were on committee.

City Manager Tiger Platt is the former Brigantine Fire Chief. Platt has deep experience in the inspection of rental units. He’s needs to step up and fix this growing safety problem.

Who owns these STR’s? How many have absentee landlords? Who’s hiding behind these LLC’s?

How did Brigantine allow 2,000 STR’s to overtake neighborhoods?

Current STR regulations not fully enforced.

Dangerous Short Term Rentals

Sera and Platt allowing commercial use of properties in residential zones. Could be cause for a class action lawsuit.

Federal Govt & IRS view STR’s as ‘Hospitality’, not Real Estate.

Dangerous overcrowding of rental properties. City Manager Platt has much experience here.

Illegal parking. Increased strain on city services.

Transient. Constant turnover of unknown renters. Lack of proper background check.

When will Platt hire inspectors?

Implementing a minimum 7-night rental stay is critical.

Minimum age to rent a STR property should be 25.

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1 thought on “Brigantine Short Term Rental Committee Report”

  1. This recent post is enlightening and shuts down Sera’s constant comments of “I didn’t know” blah, blah, blah.

    Apparently, per this post, he was a member of city council well before he was mayor, and in this case, he was fully aware that STRs were growing in abundance and clearly would become an issue without appropriate oversight.

    It’s unfortunate that legal action may be the only way to correct the conduct (in-action of implementing appropriate/new regulations as well as enforcing current regulations that the mayor affirms exist) by those in charge who apparently aren’t living up to the duty of care they should be exercising for citizens of Brigantine.

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