Brigantine Council Meeting Videos Deleted. Info Blackouts.

Let’s keep Brigantine 2nd homeowners in the dark. It certainly seems that way. WATCH VIDEO. “You can DVR it”, says the snickering Simpson, obviously not caring that 75% of taxpayers don’t have access to the local signal.

It’s well noted that U-stream used to record & archive every meeting. It worked great and was cheap. Well less than $100 per month to do this.

Councilperson McClay was accurate in her assessment of U-stream, whereas Bennett defended in a some-what opaque, less than transparent way. Quoting a cost of $500 per month was not accurate for Brigantine’s specific need. The U-stream $99 package will get the job done.

Listen & Watch Video Below > Chief Bennett reported that the $99 package is not available to government agencies. Not true. All that is needed is pre-payment via credit card, which is normal for purchasing web services online.

Ex-Police Chief / City webmaster Reed originally try to scare council by saying it would cost well over $1,200 per month for web broadcasting & archiving council meetings, and then making them available on-demand. That was a total fabrication designed to keep 2nd home owners in the dark. 

At the time, Reed was ‘grandfathered’ into a cheap $20 per month deal for the U-stream auto-recording & archive service. Reed decided to let that subscription lapse. U-stream then deleted 2 years’ worth of legal video recording of Brigantine City council meetings. Note: those video clips were considered 100% admissible & accurate in a court of law…..whereas a typical City Clerk document of meeting minutes are sparse, spotty and when compared to video are severely edited. Some call them ‘white-washed’.

The Brigantine City website is a public owned asset, not a propaganda tool for any political party.

A municipality should have never allowed a public union employee like Police Chief Reed to act as the city’s communication, web, marketing, PR & tourism person for the city. It’s a conflict of interest and invites plenty of mischief. Example: it’s well-documented that ex-Police Chief Reed managed his own private business directory on the City website…with no Council OK or oversight. Reed also created an un-official Facebook page using the City logo and credentials, and was sole owner of the City’s domain name ‘’. Last but not least, Brigantine’s ex-police Chief Reed was ultimately confronted by a former public safety director about his access to reading council’s private emails. Thankfully, Reed is gone. Unfortunately, taxpayers are on the hook for Reed’s pension & healthcare for a very long time.

Moving forward……there is a bright spot on the horizon.

Jim Bennett is now Brigantine’s official Police Chief. He’s a great cop, emergency manager & city leader. It’s about time he became Police Chief. But most believe he should not manage City marketing & communications. That’s a critical, full time job for a non-partisan professional.

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