Congressional Candidate Kennedy supports Defunding of Police

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Democrat candidate for Congress, Amy Kennedy, has now endorsed the defunding of police. The announcement came during an online interview conducted by a member of the Atlantic City NAACP.

Amy Kennedy says: “There’s a lot of merit to what we’re hearing around the country when we talk about how we should be reallocating funds to make healthy communities”.

Kennedy Wants to Defund Police

Kennedy will try to unseat incumbent Republican Jeff Van Drew in the upcoming November election.

From New Jersey Globe: The Callaway-controlled Atlantic City Democratic organization is backing Amy Kennedy against Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-Dennis) in New Jersey’s 2nd district.

Reports suggest that Amy Kennedy enjoyed support from Craig Callaway.

Callaway once plead guilty to accepting a $10,000 cash bribe for an undercover FBI agent and for his role in blackmailing a rival Atlantic City council colleague.

“Through hushed conversations by county committee members, it was widely understood that the Kennedy campaign paid the Callaway organization over $100,000 while fully understanding his criminal past and unsavory tactics”.

Read more at New Jersey Globe

NRCC Comment: “Amy Kennedy’s support for the radical ‘Defund the Police’ movement puts South Jersey law enforcement and communities at risk and proves she can’t be trusted to keep voters safe.” – NRCC Spokesman Michael McAdams

VIDEO: BLM March in Brigantine (caution BAD LANGUAGE)

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28 thoughts on “Congressional Candidate Kennedy supports Defunding of Police”

      1. Wow, I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention all these years. Looks like Brig Now is just some sort of puppet publication for the RNC. Consideration of reallocating some law enforcement funding to prevention policies is not “defending the police.” It is re-orienting our policies towards a proactive rather than reactive approach to crime. “Defunding” is a tactical, and dishonest, term designed to trigger people’s fears about crime (and race) that is now being used by Republicans in the current election. Brig Now needs to get its **** together.

        1. Dan
          You’re not too bright are you ?
          Another dimwitted pandering Dem sheeple
          Wear your mask and hide under your bed, you wimp

  1. john middle mycek

    Ms. Kennedy, says you don’t need a police force, to keep a community safe. With a do respect I think Ms. Kennedy needs to learn about the streets. We support all the good cops….thank you

  2. Since Kennedy wants to defund the Brigantine Police Department, maybe all of her 911 calls should be call forwarded to Nancy Pelosi .

  3. Did everyone know that she supported the defund the police before she got elected? Or was it just a trick, People in Brigantine thought she was good now we know.

  4. USA BlueLine Patriot

    Amy needs to go back to school.
    “Re-allocate” MEANS “defund”
    …typical Democrat move
    …typical Kennedy
    VOTE Van Drew

  5. Wow! She never mentioned defunding. Yet, here is a headline claiming just that. Obviously a Republican ploy to spread lies about their formidable opponent.

    1. Mrs Kennedy is the ultimate hypocrite…the perfect “NOT in my neighborhood” limousine liberal.

      A delusional idiot

      That’s why she lost

  6. Another hypocritical “not in my neighborhood”, limousine liberal…a life-long do-nothing, living off of the ill-gotten Kennedy fortune (made illegally by selling booze during Prohibition).

    I’d like to say she is “trading-off of the Kennedy good name” but the Kennedy name is TRASH…a bunch of lying, misogynistic, drug addicts, rapists and murderers.

  7. Defund just means making sure our tax dollars are best deployed for safety and peace. I wish they’d use a better word. You’d think the far right would understand the tax $ debate but they don’t read. And leave the Kennedy family out of this – she married a Kennedy and worked hard as a teacher probably teaching your kids. Everyone supports the police. Everyone. But even the police can be better taught and better trained. Nobody is above learning a better way.. So calm down and stop watching Fox News- it is where a brain goes to die.

    1. You mean “defund the police” doesn’t actually mean defund the police? More liberal brain busters… liberalism is a mental disorder !

  8. For those who say reallocating money from the Police to housing or social services is not defunding the police, I suggest letting
    me “reallocate” some money from your bank account to mine. Remember, I am not defunding your bank account, just reallocating it.

  9. When you’re a billionaire Kennedy, you can buy all the protection you need. Amy’s message to the rest of us? “Go to Hell!” She is siding with the communists, folks. No surprise!

  10. Nobody is above more training. Nobody. Not even the police. We can all learn to do the job ( any job ) better. That’s what looking at the funding ends up being. And don’t you want a Brigantine Island person in Congress ? I do. I don’t care about party line on this one. I’ll support a Brigantine resident in Congress.

    1. So Tomi….let me get this straight…you voted for Mrs Kennedy for Congress simply because she has a home in Brigantine ???

      You are a VERY SPECIAL kinda STUPID

      What an IDIOT

  11. Former Brigantine Democrat

    I never cared what color you were, until you started blaming my race for your problems.

    I never cared if you were well-off or poor, until you said you were discriminated against, when I was promoted because I worked harder.

    I never cared about your political affiliation until you started to condemn me for mine.

    I never cared where you were born until you wanted to erase my history and blame my ancestors for your current problems.

    I never cared if you were “gay” until you started shoving it in my face, and the faces of our children.

    I never cared if your beliefs were different from mine, until you said my beliefs were wrong.

    I never cared to if I owned a gun until you told me I wouldn’t be allowed to. (or take the ones I own legally)

    Now I care. My patience and tolerance are gone.

    I’m not alone in feeling this way there are millions of us who do
    and we have had enough!

    I can’t vote for Amy Kennedy.

    1. I agree with everything you have expressed.
      I am a registered Democrat but I will definitely be voting Republican!
      Democrats want to ruin this country, I hope people really think about that before they vote.

  12. Actually, reallocate does not mean defund.
    reallocate – verb – allocatein a different way
    defund – verb – prevent from continuing to receive funds

  13. Will never vite for someone who wants to defund the police. Don’t need what is happening in some many Democratic cities happen in the rest of the country. Hopefully Democrats are smart enough to see that.

  14. Not to state a cliche but im sure Amy Kennedy is a “nice person, good teacher” but this in no way qualifies her to be a u.s. congressperson; Unless, of course, if shes married to a Kennedy! I’m sorry to hear she supports defunding the police, or repurposing a portion of a police budget (a sneaky way of refunding the police).But unfortunately people will vote for her because they still believe in a Kennedy Camelot.

  15. Social Workers cannot do the job of a police officer.
    THAT is one of the main “reallocate” proposals.
    Vote NO to Amy. She’s just another social services liberal.

    1. So Amy lost but Trumpism lost decisively today, despite the bizarre tweets. Note to the crowd – one can support police and acknowledge systemic issues. These things are not mutually exclusive for non-simpletons. Hopefully we can all get beyond simplistic nonsense come together as a country.

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