Cox Litigation Against City of Brigantine Update

PRESS OF AC > Brigantine’s former manager did have the authority to remove Ray Cox as acting police chief back in 2013, but not at the time she did so, a New Jersey appeals court ruled Monday.

The court partially sided with the city of Brigantine on Monday, saying that Jennifer Blumenthal, as city manager, could strip Cox from his position, as it was a temporary appointment. However, the court ruled that Blumenthal only had that authority once the former chief, John Stone, retired in fall 2013 — when her action would “no longer conflict with the powers and authority of the Police Chief.”

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3 thoughts on “Cox Litigation Against City of Brigantine Update”

  1. Brig Business Municipal Welfare

    Before his retirement, Cox had a salary of $135,500 a year, according to information provided by the Brigantine City Clerk’s office. He also received a $107,106 payout for sick time and leave at the time of his retirement.

  2. All in the family… Stinson,Doran
    Blumenthal was replaced as city manager by Ed Stinson, who is also Brigantine’s engineer, in a 5-0 vote by City Council immediately after Republicans gained a majority on the council in January.

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