Harmful Business Busting Goes Digital on Brigantine Beach

For almost two years, the now defunct BB-NJ.com Business Directory was yet another example of taxpayer supported disruption of local retail. (see images below)

The BB-NJ.com web-based directory of small business was developed, hosted, maintained and managed by Brigantine Police Officer, now Chief of Police; Tim Reed. City Council may not have been fully aware of this project as we don’t recall it ever being placed on the agenda for council review and acceptance.

Chief Reed is now embroiled in another website snafu. On Sept 16, 2015 he was found to have ‘forgotten’ to save/archive city council videos & pay a simple $20 monthly service fee.

WATCH VIDEO > Brigantine Police Chief  Allows City Council Video Black-out.

Many Brigantine business owners anonymously complained about the BB-NJ Business Directory. Mr. Reed had the ability to ‘pick winners and losers’ in regards to valuable, city promotion & advertising. Some ‘winners’ were not even based in Brigantine. Mercantile & other required certification checks were waived in almost all cases. The Chamber of Commerce, Beachcomber News and Brigantine Times were not amused by this incursion into their financial livelihood.

A City Hall employee being associated with running an un-official City of Brigantine Beach Facebook Page is also problematic. In other industries this would be clearly forbidden. Some lose their jobs or are reprimanded if caught abusing social media, even if used personally at home. See Highlands New Jersey Social Media Debate where a resolution was just approved by Borough Council: officials, employees and volunteers are required to add a disclaimer to any of their posts on certain social media pages.

Trusted, municipal endorsed positions like Chief of Police, Mayor, Hockey Coach, Lifeguard or City Manager must represent the city 24 hours a day. Even a whiff of ‘conflict of interest’ or activity harmful to the good name of Brigantine must always be avoided.

BB-NJ Business Directory. Click to See Larger Images.

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6 thoughts on “Harmful Business Busting Goes Digital on Brigantine Beach”

  1. In any other town, (police chief) Tim Reed would be fired and face corruption charges.

    I just bought a house here last year and recently started finding out about all the rampant corruption. I plan on actually attending the meetings, voice my opinion, and if nothing changes, then to hell with it, I’ll run for council and make changes for the betterment of everyone who lives here (year round or vacationers).

  2. Juan: please run for office. I was considering doing the same thing but figured the Mayor, Simpson and Old Boys Club would be in cahoots with the police department and I would land up in the bay as chum. Good Luck.

    1. Thank you, I will need a lot of luck and hopefully support from people like yourself who truly want to change our island for the better and stop this corruption once and for all. I may land in the ocean as chum for sharks, but I prefer taking the risk rather than getting more annoyed everyday I read the local news.

  3. Juan

    Good luck.

    I have been told that the NJBI and the FBI, after numerous requests from tax-payers, are investigating the Brigantine old boys club and that they have someone on the inside of city hall who is cooperating with them


  4. Brigantine Life Guard

    Former Brigantine Police Chief Tim Reed involved in questionable behavior? Not surprised. Hard to believe Scheffler hired him.

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