Historical Society presents film: The Brigantine Bridge.

The Brigantine Historical Society and Museum will present a film covering the construction and dedication of the New Brigantine Bridge 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 12 at the Brigantine Community Center. The film was made over the period of construction by former resident Lou Barone.

In addition to the film Mike Trendler, a member of the Historical Society, will discuss the various forms of transportation to Brigantine, once known as East Atlantic City, from the early years of the ferry to rail transportation and eventually to the first bridge in 1924. Brigantine lost a number of bridges to weather and accidents over the years. Do you know how? How many of our residents remember getting off the school bus and walking across the bridge?

How did the merchants get their supplies when the bridge was declared unsafe for heavy delivery trucks? The dedication was said to have been the largest gathering of residents and officials ever to assemble for a road opening. The film will provide a close up look at those gathered for the ceremony.

Former Mayor John Rogge will close the program by providing interesting insights into the construction and dedication.

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