Is Miss America Worth $4 million to stay in Atlantic City?

Miss America already did a new deal with the ABC TV network. Miss A was in a good position with the Television network. They had one million additional viewers for their last, pageant broadcast emanating from Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall.

Sen. Jim Whelan is against the idea of investing $4 mil into this classic spectacle. He can’t wrap his head around it. But we can.

But here’s why we disagree with Mr Whelan:

The CRDA Casino Reinvestment Development Authority is the entity that would direct that $4 million to keep it in AC.

Where does CRDA get that cash? The Casinos, who are not big fans of providing hotel rooms to those connected to the event.

The Casinos are also known as having limited interest supporting non-gaming attractions….especially attractions not inside their gambling halls. When people are watching Miss Amercia, they’re not gambling. Casinos hate that.

That 4 mil CRDA cash investment would likely go toward toward marketing and promotion, as well as costs associated with Boardwalk Hall where the event is held.

The CRDA Board is shooting for a deal that would get AC a wider variety of marketing benefits across multiple media platforms. Atlantic City needs that kind of marketing. What we don’t need is flashy, Madison avenue ads that get lost in the sauce.

We love the idea of investing in Miss America. This type of ‘content marketing’ is much more effective & has true impact. Much better than expensive, old school tactics employed by the ACA; the Atlantic City Alliance. The ACA burned through 30 million with strategy that may have worked in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s……but not today in 2016.


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2 thoughts on “Is Miss America Worth $4 million to stay in Atlantic City?”

  1. Yes it is a great tradition not only for Atlantic City but for Atlantic County . Every municipality in Atlantic County needs to promote Miss America and show what each town has to offer. By doing that visitors will not just go to Atlantic City, but will visit the towns and the eat & shop in our stores ultimately building up our tourism industry.

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