LISTEN >> Jaworski Responds to Brigantine Golf Links Debacle. WOND RADIO.

Just over the bridge from Brigantine, Ron Jaworski was in Atlantic City this weekend for the popular Maxwell awards ceremony taking place at the Tropicana Casino Hotel.

Chuck Betson from WOND 1400 am Radio spent a few minutes with JAWS talking AC, the Philadelphia Soul, online sports betting, and of course…..the embarrassing Brigantine Golf Links debacle.

Listen to this short interview and hear how passionate Jaworski is about South Jersey and Atlantic City. Caution: you may want to blow a gasket after listening to this. Especially after our Brigantine Mayor and his side-kick; Councilman Andy Simpson took a massive dump on this guy just last week….


While Brigantine disrespects those who want to help……AC Mayor; Don Guardian, as well as the CRDA, have embraced the man with quite a distinguished background: Eagle’s Superbowl quarterback, ESPN analyst, golf course owner & management expert, Philadelphia Soul football team owner….and all around honorable, smart, and fun guy. But in Brigantine, we do things different here. We sometimes treat good people…..badly. We even chase some of them away.

Local Brigantine Realtor: we support city government and a public work force that is chasing out business, lowering property values, hiring more fire-fighters,…….and pushing away rare opportunities that only come around every so often.

At the recent Brigantine City Council meeting, Mayor Guenther and Councilman / liquor store icon; Andy Simpson, took turns at smearing Ron Jaworski’s impeccable character & track record. When these two elected officials got tired, financial wizard; Steve Cordasco, stepped in and used words like ‘fleece’ and ‘pyramid’ when discussing Jaworski.

Local Brigantine Real Estate agents were quietly seething but keeping their mouths shut out of fear of reprisals as they witnessed the dumping on Jaws. One Real Estate agent who wished to keep anonymous said: ‘Jaworski in Brigantine could bump property values up almost over night, but we were told to stay silent on the issue”.

Frustrated members of the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce were also astonished as their last best hope for a retail rebound was degraded & scoffed at for all the world to see & hear. On the other hand, Brigantine Chamber leadership lead by Real Estate exec Mike Brennan supported the wrong side of this debate and posted this on the Chamber FB page…..( and you wonder why Brigantine is losing so many businesses?)

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4 thoughts on “LISTEN >> Jaworski Responds to Brigantine Golf Links Debacle. WOND RADIO.”

  1. I would have liked to Ron Jaworski at that council meeting…. That would have carried alot of weight…. If it was me buying the golf course or any type of realestate I would have made a point to be there and discuss why the City should enter into this agreement for less than what the City thinks it is worth…. I don’t believe a deal is dead until both sides have exhausted their best and final offers…. If this deal meant anything to Ron Jaworski he would not give up…. Bottom line we still have an amazing asset for an island this small and WE as a City need to go back on time to when it was a money maker and look at those books and see how we can get back their. I believe this is the first step Councilman Simpson is taking by looking at the not for profit route. It is a unique way to reduce operating expense’s and there is further work to do with regard to turning the restaurant and bar aspect of the bussiness into a money maker…… It will take alittle time but it can be done

  2. What else do you expect when the Townees continue to vote the sme people in to save their own or relatives jobs and keep the status quo. Look around the island at all the closed businesses and others barely surviving. Add the Golf Couse to this sad list. When will the Townees wake up and realize they need the “outsiders” to help the island and themselves?

  3. Jaws knows exactly what kind of clowns run the town, he knows the headache it would have been dealing with council if by some hail mary, a deal would have been done.
    He didn’t waste his time attending the meeting because he realized weeks ago council was wasting his time.
    Guenther and Simpson are big fish in a small pond and Jaws is, well Jaws!

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