Jim Breuer’s Wind Scam Warning for Jersey Shore

The Jersey shore should be on super high alert. There’s something going on with those wind turbines that you have no clue about.

During a recent ‘Breuniverse’ podcast, comedian Jim Breuer urged his online audience of 253,000 to wake up before it’s too late.

Breuer: If you own homes at the Jersey shore, I don’t think you realize what’s about to be placed on your shoreline.

‘If you don’t get involved, you can’t open your big mouth when your property value plummets.’

Breuer: Your Governor is selling you down the river. A billionaire selling out to more billionaires. He (Gov Murphy) doesn’t even go to the Jersey Shore. He goes to Italy and his $9 million villa.

Climate change and green energy are smoke screens. They know it plays on your emotions. Not only is it not green, it’s the opposite. It’s some of the most toxic of fuel energies.Jim Breuer

Your Governor (Phil Murphy) is going to another country and bringing in another country that has studies basically saying: we’re probably gonna disrupt whale life and dolphins and sea creatures and birds and wind flow, but, you know, we haven’t tested this.

Jim Breuer: The atrocities that these people are selling in the name of green energy and climate change. I’m begging. Stop falling for sales pitches when you hear the word ‘climate change’ over and over.

Fisheries will be negatively affected. Danish company (ORSTED) going to build 3 acres of cement, every mile, underwater.

That’s just one company. Others are lined up too. They got a billion dollars, but not for New Jersey. Not for U.S citizens, but to Danish company (ORSTED) who are basically saying, ‘We’re going to disrupt the wild. We have permits that say we’re allowed to kill a dolphin, maybe a couple of whales.’

Sonar blasting have killed more mammals in the last six months. They keep washing up on shore. The first time in history this many have washed up. A pod of eight dolphins. Ask fishermen. They’ve never seen this in their lifetimes.

Mayors accepted wind cash.

Breuer just filmed a documentary interviewing both sides of the issue and political forum. He discovers both sides are united on this subject.

Wind turbines. You’ll be paying more for energy. You’re not saving money or saving energy. Your not saving the planet either.

Jim Breuer: Where’s the ‘Save The Whales’ people? They got paid. A little donation. A grant. Nice words for: here’s some money now keep your mouth shut.

Editor’s Note: Not a peep from MMSC Marine Mammal Stranding Center, Stockton University, local green teams and other enviro-groups. Many shore towns like Ventnor, Margate and Longport are also quiet after receiving approx $500K in ‘grants’ from those foreign wind companies.

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The New York bred comic storyteller made the list of Comedy Central’s 100 Greatest Standups of All Time. Breuer came to national attention during his seasons on Saturday Night Live.

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8 thoughts on “Jim Breuer’s Wind Scam Warning for Jersey Shore”

  1. Donald F. Ackerman

    Change is very difficult for some. They will listen to every “theory” that validates their belief that wind turbines will HURT the environment because they are afraid of change. Wind turbines will help the environment by reducing the amount of CO2 emissions. More and more use of green energy with less and less fossil fuel use is necessary to save Brigantine and the planet.

    1. Well said. People concerned about the visual impacts of the turbines far out at sea, have suddenly become experts on whales and other marine life in an attempt to kill wind projects, which NJ needs to do its part to help avoid the most serious impacts of climate change. Low lying areas of Brigantine are likely to be under water by the end the century, but local officials would rather fight the windmills than enact stronger regulations on new development.

    2. Where is your proof. Just because you regurgitate what you read and you read only what you agree with doesn’t make your statement true. Jim gave stats, facts etc to support his statements. You want us to value your opinion based on your 5min a week read or nightly CNN watching. A wise man gave us a very valuable saying. Opinions are like……Everyone has one and they all stink. Where’s the beef?

  2. We should ALL be concerned about ANYTHING that might disrupt the ocean life along our shoreline.

    I think we all should be fully aware of any potential problems before it is too late.

    GOVERNOR MURPHY should be concerned as well. If he’s not concerned , than we should all be MORE concerned as to WHY he is not.

    We must protect our Ocean life and prevent damage as responsible citizens… Governor Murphy should be leading and Protecting us in that way as any Good leader would.

    Let’s see…….. Cmon Governor Murphy Lead and Protect … Thank you

  3. Thomas S Carroll

    Where were these comments prior to the reelection of Murphy? He made no secret about his plans to screw the ratepayers-taxpayers. Offshore wind is a joke, just look st how badly it has preformed in Europe and how it has decimated the wildlife / fisheries. These turbines will be junk before they are paid for while they will destroy the S Jersey shore. Murphy will be in Italy enjoying the kickbacks from Orsted!

  4. More Fake news. Apparently all GOP members are expected to oppose anything that involves green energy or conservation is immediately opposed by all Republicans..

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