Jersey Shore Wind Farms 101

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How much do you really know about wind farms being built off our South Jersey coast?

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Project Details

  • Constructed along entire NJ coast, 8.7 miles offshore in some places.
  • 1,000+ wind turbines.
  • Wind turbines 1,000 ft high. (AC ACUA turbines are 320 feet)
  • Turbines visible from beaches, w/ flashing red lights.
  • Dozens of offshore sub-stations built closer to shore.
  • Power lines (emitting dangerous EMFs) buried under beaches.
  • Years of offshore sonar, drilling, explosives, mechanical operations.
  • Steel pilings driven deep into seabed. Seabed covered with concrete.
  • Thousands of boat trips and helicopter flights to each turbine.
  • Fishing / recreation banned in miles-wide exclusion zones.

Political Concerns

  • Governor Murphy removed rights of local towns. No public hearings.
  • Millions of tax $$ subsidies going to developers.
  • Construction costs rising. Costs and liabilities ultimately fall on NJ taxpayer.
  • Electricity rates expected to increase dramatically (see: Virginia)
  • No produced power going to Cape May or Atlantic Counties?
  • Similar projects successfully stopped through legal action (Cape Cod, Montauk).
  • Overall, 300+ proposed U.S. wind projects have been rejected.
  • Impact on tourism, property values, boating & fishing industries not calculated or acknowledged.
  • Developers “donating” thousands of dollars to shore towns in various forms.
  • Developers provide funding to groups that oppose justifiable concerns about offshore wind.
  • Climate benefits for New Jersey have not been specified.

Environmental Impacts

  • Endangered Right Whale habitat impacted (10 whale protection groups filed critical protests of project to Bureau of Ocean Energy Management)
  • Each windmill contains 1,600 gallons of transformer oil, 150 gallons of lubrication oil, diesel fuel, and SF6
    (most potent greenhouse gas known).
  • Turbine reliability, especially under harsh ocean conditions, still an area of debate; leaks and debris would wind up on beaches.
  • Foreign wind developers admit that construction will injure or kill hundreds of whales, dolphins, porpoises, and seals.
  • Bird fatalities (including bald eagles) are a well-known consequence of wind turbines.
  • Net environmental benefit of wind farms still being debated, so is efficacy of wind power in general.
  • Tons of metal, plastics and fiberglass used to make each turbine. Wind project will uses massive amounts of fossil fuels over it’s 20-30 year lifespan to develop, build, transport, install, repair, maintain, decommission (responsibility for this?), and ultimately haul components to a landfill.
  • Wind turbines are non-recyclable.


Protect Our Coast is a united group with one common goal… stop the wind turbines off of the New Jersey shoreline and prevent the industrialization of the oceans. We are extremely concerned with the massive fast track development without comprehensive research detailing the true effects on New Jersey’s tourism, fisheries, wildlife and coastal communities. The burden of doubt is on the developers to prove without a reasonable doubt the projects will result in a net benefit. Yet routinely they will not answer specific questions raised by attendees at the public wind meetings. These meetings are also always focused around their own pro wind narrative, big wind propaganda and lack public engagement. DONATE HERE.

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13 thoughts on “Jersey Shore Wind Farms 101”

  1. Signed, wtf is going on here?

    Disgusting corruption in play AGAIN!
    THANK YOU for this well written information so that others can be informed!

    1. No facts or sources used here as always, just ridiculous claims. NIMBY at its best, not in my back yard to put it somewhere that I can’t see it. That way you can continue to burn fossil fuels with no regard to the well being of all life on this planet

  2. Why is it we are depleting our natural resources – the ocean waters, marine life and not being able to participate in the decision making process.
    Living in Brigantine watching it go from family friendly to party city, each new house is bigger than the one before it and sit empty till a party takes place.
    Our ocean will not be safe more animals die, more people will stop going in and really who profits .

    1. Concerned for the Ocean

      I find Brigantine to be quite family-friendly. Where do you live that you are having such a negative experience with “partying”?

      On topic, our sea life is MOST important.
      Have you joined in any meetings that fit your schedule?
      Consider donating to stop this assault on the marine life, fishermen and others impacted.

  3. Our electric prices will not go down, they disturb nature, maintenance will be costly going forward ( salt air, salt water, storms), property values will decrease.

    Who is partial owner of Orsted. Goldman Sachs? Gov Murphy was member of committee for Goldman Sachs for over 20 Years. Something is fishy here!

    Ørsted’s transition to green energy was aided by Goldman Sachs, which paid about US $1.2 billion for an 19% stake in the company four years ago

    Wake Up!

    Vacationers will stop coming here; we need their $$ to survive here….

  4. Why do people keep voting for the same people and expect different results? That is the definition of insanity.

    All of the long term politicians need to go and we need to start over and have term limits of 8 years in place.

    These Bozos in office, just keep making themselves and their cronies richer. Stop voting for them!

    Hope we get better choices than the “lesser of 2 evils” also.

    This once great country is in a big skid due to the greedy people in power.

    1. Storms will become more frequent due to climate change. You’re okay with the federal and state government bailing you out and living with the destruction of your homes but preventative action, to slow climate change, is too much for you to deal with? We all have to make sacrifices. The biggest problem for birds worldwide is cats. The biggest problem to see life is the garbage and CO2 in our ocean. All these other groups are just supported by the oil companies. Yes we all have to pay some more for electricity, but we can’t keep spewing CO2 into the air.

  5. Contact Bob Stern of to come and give a presentation to the citizens of Brigantine about the reality of what the wind turbines are going to do to our beautiful seashore. I attended the presentation on LBI and found it to be quite an informative, astounding eye-opening view of this disastrous project .

    1. This page posits a series of good questions, that have already been answered by the BOEM and NOAA reports, which are publicly available on their websites. I’m kind of surprised the author of this article didn’t read them before trying to educate others.

      “Impact on tourism, property values, boating & fishing industries not calculated or acknowledged.”

      This is outright false, the polls conducted by the NOAA and Orsted have been made public, including hundreds of photos of every possible vantage point on the islands and inland. And when people are given accurate visualizations, 90% don’t care. Because they won’t be remotely visible from most shore towns.

      “Each windmill contains 1,600 gallons of transformer oil, 150 gallons of lubrication oil, diesel fuel, and SF6”

      Gee, like every other fishing and shipping vessel carries?

  6. Assuming all your “facts” are true please do a comparison with the damage created by the fossil fuel systems generating our energy use now. All the weird weather this year; it is the result of a thermal rebalancing of heat coming from the oceans into the atmosphere. The oceans have absorbed 90% of the excess heat retained by the CO2 we have emitted over the past 200 years of burning carbon based energy sources. Much worse is to come.

    1. You mean that the view from our beach is not as important as the fact that the beach will eventually be in Hammonton? I hope the folks up there have a plan for when the developers try to turn their farm land into STR’s.

    2. Finally, an intelligent reply to all the anti-windpower people, the economic power of the petroleum industry and the conspiracy-theory maniacs. Power-on, my friend!

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